Sarah, Customer Service Specialist

Name Sarah

Pronouns: She/Her

Facebook: Sarah At DGY

Hi there, my name is Sarah! I am originally from a small town called Arlington, located in Southern Vermont, where I spent my childhood surrounded by beautiful mountains, gorgeous fall foliage, and lots of snowfall in the winter months. Most days growing up, you would find me outside climbing trees, tucked away with a stack of books, writing in a journal, crocheting, or taking ballet classes. Now, besides climbing trees, I still enjoy doing all of these things!

After graduating college with a BA in Dance at DeSales University, located in Center Valley, PA, I spent some time working various jobs, while I taught dance classes part time. As time passed, I found myself in the custom apparel industry, and worked within that industry for just under 3 years. Starting off with running embroidery machines then to managing custom apparel online stores, I quickly found myself burning out and my love of creating and dancing dwindling, and that was not a good feeling!

I had actually heard about DGY briefly before I had ever applied to work here, and it is a great little story. My father in law, in a conversation, possibly over a year ago, had asked me one day if I had known about a yarn company that was located in Clifton Park, NY (the same town where my husband and I currently live). He told me that the company's name was Darn Good Yarn and he told me how much I would love working there, as he knew all about my love for crochet and creating.

Fast forward to Winter 2021, I was in the midst of a job search after working in the same industry for almost 3 years. This time, I wanted to work at a company that not only supported my love for art and creativity; but would inspire me to be even more creative each and every day, and would also give me the opportunity to help others. I had originally applied to work with the warehouse team, but while on my first phone interview, I was asked if I would be interested in working as a Customer Service Specialist (and would possibly get to work with Kate, who is amazing!), as that position had literally been approved on the very morning of my interview. I was so ecstatic and grateful to be considered for this opportunity, as my personal work experience in the custom apparel industry was mainly focused on customer service, so I knew in my heart that if it was meant to be, this position would be a great fit.

Not only am I now working at a company that supports and encourages my creativity and inspires me to do good every day, I have found a place where my love for creating and teaching dance has flourished again. I have spent the past year teaching ballet, pointe, and musical theater dance classes to students at the Barbara's School of Dance, in Delmar, NY, and I am loving every second of it. When I am not teaching dance or helping out the team and customers at DGY, you can find me crocheting, reading, writing, and sharing life's adventures with my husband and family.

As I navigated through college as a dance major, a professor of mine had given us an assignment that had changed and shaped my life. We had to think deeply on what our personal mission statement as an artist was going to be, and how we could articulate that in words as we moved on from college into the arts field. I took the lesson I learned from that assignment, cultivated my own personal mission statement for life, and I summed it up in this one line: "A life lived in love can never be dull." To spend each day helping others with love and kindness, in any way that I can, to help make their day better and brighter. I believe that I should always do my best to leave someone happier and more positive than when I found them, make them feel that they are a part of something, that they truly matter. With this personal mission statement in mind, I completely fell in love with DGY's mission to "start at love." That by putting love into everything, from picking out an item for an order, to answering a customer's question, you could be making someone's day brighter and better. And that love and kindness will ultimately change the world.

I have dabbled a bit in various crafts (making jewelry, creative journaling, etc.,) but my true love of crafting lies with crochet. I was first taught how to crochet by my great grandmother, who showed me the basic stitches and how to start a foundation chain. I will say that I took those basic foundation chains and ran with them, as I fondly remember creating countless chain friendship bracelets that you would tie on your wrist, and how excited I was to make those simple bracelets. I then learned more advanced stitches from my grandmother, who loved crochet just as much as I did. We would spend hours sitting in her living room talking about different yarns, projects, books, and new tools to help us crochet. For my birthday each year (even as I got older), my grandmother would give me yarn, and if she ever purchased a crochet book for herself, she always bought two, so she could give one to me. Now, next to my love of crochet, is my love for dance. I enjoy spending my time thinking about different creative ideas or themes for dance choreography (this means different movements or steps put together), and then taking the time to work with other dancers and bringing those ideas to life. I find that dance and crochet always have a lot in common-take an idea or theme and use basic or complex tools to create something that is beautiful, different, unique, and thought-provoking.

My favorite product is our Sari Wrap Skirt-as a lover of art (impressionist, cubist, modern, really any!) seeing the different colors, textures, and patterns of the fabric is fascinating to me, along with the work that goes into making each skirt. And not to mention that the skirts are so much fun to wear! Each one is a unique work of art itself, and it always makes me happy to see when our customers find that one skirt that resonates with them, and really captures the true essence of the joy and creativity in their life.