Sammi P, Fiber Artist in Residence - Darn Good Yarn

Sammi P - Fiber Artist in Residence

Sammi P wearing a green dress holding pink flowers and smiling at the camera on a green background.


I’m so excited to officially introduce myself as a new member of the Darn Good Yarn team.

I’m the “Fiber Artist in Residence” at DGY, which is just about the coolest job title ever. I’ve been collaborating with DGY for years to help create tutorials and patterns and have loved everything about it: the DGY team, the mission, and especially the unique yarns!

My background is in Computer Science with a specialty in Digital Art, and I love how working with fibers allows both the analytical and scientific part of my brain to work in harmony with my creative side.

When I’m not crafting, I enjoy going outside, going on hikes, spending time with my family, mushroom foraging, baking, and fossil hunting (I was a dinosaur expert as a kid! 🦕).

On a small, personal scale, I try to make sustainable choices and take an eco-friendly, ethical approach to life. DGY creates products that are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and made in an ethical working environment, making them a perfect fit for my crafting choices.

Crafting Background

My fiber arts background includes: crochet, Tunisian crochet, weaving, knitting, needle punching, macramé, embroidery, sewing, spinning yarn, natural dyeing, nälbinding, machine knitting, needle felting…I’m sure there’s more, too 🙃 I learned to crochet when I was 10 from my grandmother, and I’ve been hooked (get it) on all types of creative hobbies ever since!

Favorite Product(s)

I’m picking two favorites because I can’t just choose one: the Sari Ribbon Yarn & Journey Recycled Silk Yarn! Both are recycled from sari silk (yay eco-friendly!), and are so unique with the blends of colors and patterns. Plus, the Journey Recycled Silk Yarn is SO SOFT!