Molly, Marketing Assistant


Hi I’m Molly! I’ve lived on the seacoast of New Hampshire for the majority of my life! I recently started working at Darn Good Yarn doing photography and marketing. When I’m not working I spend the majority of my time outside! I love to travel, hike, ski and do yoga. Anything to get my body moving and connecting with the earth!


1. What about the mission of Darn Good Yarn hits home for you and why?

I really resonate with all the core values of Darn Good Yarn especially the sustainability factor. It feels very fulfilling to work for a company that stands for the same things I do! It’s important to me that my work contributes to the greater good of this earth and all the people living on it! I’m really passionate about moving away from fast fashion and I love that fact that our Darn Good clothing is made from recycled saris and material waste and turned into something new.

2. What kind of crafting are you into? How did you learn? ("Crafting" in the broad sense, anything you make or do that's creative or fun)

As far as crafting goes, I’ve dabbled in quite a few things over the years such as knitting, needle felting and embroidery. But I would say my biggest creative outlet is film photography! It challenges me in a different way than digital photography in that I really have to be intentional about my shots while also staying in the present moment. I love the way film brings me back to the basics of photography and light. It is definitely my favorite way to express myself artistically and capture the moments of my life!

3. What's your favorite Darn Good Yarn product and why?

I really love all the silk clothing pieces. One of my favorites right now are the sari dusters. I love how unique they are and how easily you can transform an outfit by throwing one on!