Mike, Chief Technology & Safety Officer

Mike, Chief Technology & Safety Officer

DGY Yarn Name: Magic Sparkles   

Title: Chief Technology and Safety Officer

Mike has been with Darn Good Yarn from the very beginning of it all in 2008, but officially joined the team in 2018. Continuing his role as Support Extraordinaire, Mike will also be bringing his passion for technology and strong engineering background to the team. Tightly scheduled weeks always bring family time in the Snow household come Friday night. Mike loves helping his and Nicole’s daughter, Anna, develop by reading books, playing games, listening to music, and doing arts and crafts. Being able to spend quality time with both her and Nicole is incredibly important to him. Saturday mornings involve sharing a big breakfast of French toast, blueberry pancakes, or scrambled eggs, with a large pot of coffee on the side. Afterwards, you can always find Mike out for a run (okay… maybe not if it’s under 10 degrees…) Mike has always had a passion for coding, particularly in making computers and other smart devices easier to understand. One of his goals for this year is to continue coding and building user interfaces that will be able to give customers a better view into what makes the heart of Darn Good Yarn beat.

Mike is a graduate of Clarkson University, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (and met Nicole!) One of his favorite hobbies in college was fly-fishing and can’t wait to get Anna on the stream so she can catch her first fish. 

1. What about the mission of Darn Good Yarn hits home for you and why?

Our Made In mission is one of the values of Darn Good Yarn that draws my attention the most. This has been a focus from the start; Darn Good Yarn makes it a priority to help both the communities and the people who make and package the products we proudly sell and deliver. Overall, improving and helping the world hits home for me, as there are so many people out there that need positivity and a sense of purpose.

2. What is your favorite DGY product and why?

I’m a big fan of the recycled resolution line of silk yarn. Why? I got to help name the yarn when it first debuted when we were in Maine years ago and think the colors and product stand out.