Meghan, E-Commerce Operations Specialist

Meghan, E-Commerce Operations Specialist

Your previous experience before DGY:

I am a licensed Esthetician with a mission to help people find beauty in their lives. In addition, I am a Young Living Consultant. I feel it is important to have safe products in our lives and homes while protecting our Earth and it's resources! With a degree in Interior Design and past experience with Jewelry design, I have an eye for pleasing aesthetic and design.

What about the mission of DGY hits home for you and why?

Our "Start at Love" mission of being compassionate with the intent to make a positive change in the universe very much aligns with my personal goals. I believe that every person can play a crucial role in making a positive impact on the world around us. Even small things can have a big impact. Darn Good Yarn is a small company that is making a big impact! It inspires me every day to share kindness, generosity and love with those around me!

What is your favorite DGY product and why?

My favorite DGY product is the Sari Wrap Skirt. They are so comfortable and effortlessly stylish! The colors and patterns bring such joy to my day! Because I love to travel, the Sari Wrap Skirt is the perfect piece for packing because you can get so many looks out of just one skirt. It leaves room in my suitcase for all the fun items I want to bring home from my adventures!