Keri, Director of Marketing

Keri, Director of Marketing

DGY Yarn Name: Sparkly Forest

Title: Marketing Director

Keri joined the Darn Good Yarn team as the Marketing Director in 2016. She directs and manages the marketing campaigns through all of Darn Good Yarn’s communication channels, and is continually thinking strategically as to how the company can improve. Keri integrates all the various facets of what Darn Good Yarn faces, into one seamless package.  She can be found spending her Friday night snuggled up with some homemade cookies (normally a combination of peanut butter and chocolate!) and watching a movie. On Saturday’s, she does her best to keep up with her Great Pyrenees Coonhound mix, Penny Long Legs (seriously, give her a follow on Instagram! @pennylonglegs). This year, Keri hopes to learn how to beatbox.

Keri earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Siena College, and her MBA from Saint Rose. Keri was an active participant in the rec soccer leagues there and continues to bend it like Beckham in the rec leagues around town.

1. What about the mission of Darn Good Yarn hits home for you and why? 

Our focus on Handmade and Recycled products really inspires me. It is so fantastic to see how our handmade recycled product empower the women and create a positive change in their life. It goes to show just how important it is to not just give people resources, such as money or food, but also to give them the confidence to learn skills so they can own their career and provide for their family.

2. What is your favorite DGY product and why?

My favorite product is by far our $10 yarn club. Between work, rec sports teams, and my puppy, my life can get pretty hectic. The $10 Yarn Club gives me a quick, satisfying project to complete every month!