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Kelsie, E-Commerce Operations Specialist & Content Creator

Kelsie, E-Commerce Operations Specialist & Content Creator

Kelsie has being working at Darn Good Yarn part-time for over 3 years and has recently joined team DGY full-time! She is a recent SUNY Oswego graduate who hobbies include hiking, watching her favorite shows and listening to music! She loves attending music festivals in the summer and it excited to wear her DGY skirts because they’re so easy to dance in!

Your previous experience before DGY:

Before Darn Good Yarn Kelsie worked at Target and Bowtie Cinemas! Kelsie is never going corporate again :(

What about the mission of DGY hits home for you and why?

Kelsie loves DGY so much because she is all about empowering women! Giving our women in India a safe and reliable place to work is very important to her.

What is your favorite DGY product and why?

Kelsie’s favorite DGY product is the Sari Silk Skirts! She owns 20+, if you see her out she is probably in a skirt!