Kat, Chief Operating Officer

Name: Kat

Pronouns: She/Her

I joined DGY as a fractional Chief Financial Officer in 2019 not having any expectations other than, this is a cool new client! I am a licensed CPA in New York, and had my own business offering accounting and finance services to small businesses.  

I was immediately drawn to the energy here at DGY, and as a result I continued to get integrated into all facets of the business. 

Fast forward to 2021, I am a new mom, I have a beautiful baby boy born in March, and Nicole mentions she would like to budget for a Chief Operating Officer. I knew this had to be me, and luckily Nicole did too :-) I closed my business and am now a full time DGY team member loving life! 

Outside of work, my husband Matt, our son Carter, and our yellow lab Cooper take up all my free time– I would not have it any other way! I feel blessed every day to be fulfilled both personally and professionally.

The mission of DGY really hits home for me. Starting with love sounds so simple but it’s a daily reminder for us all to be compassionate, to lead with integrity, and to understand that our actions are always bigger than ourselves.

Even though I work at a yarn company, I am your typical accountant... debits and credits are my craft! Thankfully I am surrounded by incredibly talented team members on a daily basis, so I will re-evaluate this answer a year from now and hopefully will have picked up a thing or two!