Gabby, Marketing Coordinator



Pronouns: She/Her

I graduated college in 2020 with a degree in Business Administration and a Marketing concentration. On my campus I was very involved and didn't really allow myself too much free time because frankly I don't like being bored (or relaxed).

When I was sent home early from school I began to find myself bored a lot. I began applying to jobs with no success in the difficult times. I ended up picking up embroidery as a hobby which accidentally transformed into a full Etsy business! And poof I wasn't bored anymore!

In between then and now I worked various jobs. I still was missing the love for marketing I had developed within college. This position found me at the perfect time and has given me the ability to be creative and use marketing to share the companies mission.

Outside of work I enjoy embroidering, learning new recipes, going to concerts, playing volleyball, being with friends and family.


1. What about the mission of Darn Good Yarn hits home for you and why?

Honestly, everything that encompasses Darn Good Yarn showcases what is important to me! This company is one that prioritizes hard work, love, and creativity all while remaining sustainable. These are things I have always held a high regard to and having a company do the same throughout their processes is incredible!

2. What kind of crafting are you into? How did you learn? ("Crafting" in the broad sense, anything you make or do that's creative or fun)

My grandparents got me one of those little artist craft kits each and every Christmas. The ones that include a little bit of everything. Thats where it all got started and I am pretty much still the same now! I like to do a little bit of everything. I've been into drawing and painting the longest but, most recently I have been into fiber arts most specifically hand embroidery. I also recently got an embroidery machine so I am able to use my marketing/graphic design skills and transform them into embroidered art.

3. What's your favorite Darn Good Yarn product and why?

The Kameela Knot Headband or Boho Vintage Sari Sash Accessory. I can never say no to a hair accessory! I love challenging my self to style one headband in different ways with different outfits and these 2 options add an extra level of fun, beauty and uniqueness to the task!