Chris, Operations Supervisor

Chris, Operations Supervisor

DGY Yarn Name: Variegated Speckled 

Title: Operations Supervisor

Chris became the Operations Supervisor at Darn Good Yarn in the late Fall of 2017. He’s Amanda’s right hand man, and helps manage the incredible amount of products Darn Good Yarn offers. Not only that, be he is also responsible for managing Returns and Exchanges, along with other customer service inquiries. On a Friday, you can find Chris playing video games or watching movies (he says working on an all-girls team is fun, but all the girls know wear him out!)  Saturday mornings bring Chris to the tennis courts, so he can take a break from the warehouse scene and have some fun with friends and family. While his sister and his mom know how to knit, Chris is pretty clueless when it comes to a knit and purl stitch. This year, he plans on not only learning how to knit, but also how different fibers are made and used.

1. What about the mission of Darn Good Yarn hits home for you and why? 

The emphasis on selling handmade items is really interesting to me. Living in today's modern society, it's rare to come across items which were created by an individual using their skills as a crafts person as opposed to being manufactured by machinery. I feel that hand crafted items bring a certain level of enjoyment and pride that you just can't get with mass manufactured goods!

2. What is your favorite DGY product and why?

My favorite product the Curvy Yarn Bowl  - the craftsmanship is amazing!