Alyssa, E-Commerce Specialist

Meet Alyssa: Banner of multicolored yarn with photo of Alyssa (short brown hair, glasses, and grey sweater with arms folded) overlaid as well as position title e-commerce and purchasing assistant.

Name: Alyssa Scott

Pronouns: She/Her

Instagram: HistoricRepeats

Ravelry: Uhlisuh

Hi there! My name is Alyssa, I’m an avid crafter and I began working at Darn Good Yarn in the spring of 2021. I’ve been knitting and crocheting as a hobby since childhood, but I never considered the option of pursuing a craft as a career. I graduated from college in the winter of 2019, and I had a job lined up that corresponded with the degree I received. Then when Covid-19 began spreading and lockdowns started, I turned to my crafting for solace - as so many of us did. It was thanks to the year of reflecting on the world as well as realizing how important crafting is to me, that I began to consider a career in fiber. My search for a fulfilling future landed me here - at Darn Good Yarn - which could not have been a better fit, especially because I already loved buying our yarn! When we say we start with love, it really is true. The DGY Family has been incredibly accepting, patient and kind, I think I’m very lucky to be a part of something so darn good!

I grew up on a river in a very (VERY) rural town in Central New York, we didn’t have a ton but we filled life with the important things. I still love many of the hobbies I grew up doing such as swimming, kayaking, downhill skiing, hiking, eating good food, drinking Utica Club, and spending time with family. Of course my love of crafts comes from home as well, my grandmother was the one who originally taught me to knit as a child. My mom taught me to sew, and to explore all different kinds of crafts such as crochet, beading, embroidery, painting, and paper crafts. My older brother has been a great influence in encouraging me to follow my creative passions, he followed his dream to work as a professional in theater costuming.

I’ve been passionate about social justice since childhood which is another reason that DGY is a great fit. I was active in my school’s anti-bullying initiatives in elementary and high school. I continued to do activist work through college and still do as much as my resources allow me to. Before the rigors of college, I worked for the opportunity to go to high school in Denmark for a year and learn Danish. I still keep in touch with some good friends across the pond. Then I went on to graduate from SUNY Plattsburgh with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. and Gender and Women’s Studies, with a minor in Social Justice. I was so busy with a double major that I only made two or three craft projects in the span of those years! 

I’m so excited to be getting back to doing the crafts that I love full time. Some of my favorite things to make are sweaters and garments, lacy doilies, and gifts most of all. Seeking out vintage and antique patterns to work up gives me a special joy, I love the puzzle of working everything out as much as I love the finished object! Most of the things I make are gifted to others, but you can be sure to find some photos of what I’ve been up to recently on my Ravelry or instagram!