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Alex, E-Commerce Operations & Subscription Specialist

Alex, E-Commerce Operations & Subscription Specialist

Alex started his journey with Darn Good Yarn in 2015 picking and packing our orders. Alex took a small break from Darn Good Yarn to serve his purpose of helping others at a local non-for profit. Having the mindset to make a larger impact in the world he rejoined Darn Good Yarn in early 2019 as the E-Commerce Operations Specialist. Alex helps push Darn Good Yarn’s information systems to the max, finding and developing new systems to bring us further and further into the technological future! When Alex is not in the backend of our website he spends his Friday nights preparing for a weekend of outdoor fun! Hiking, fishing, and so much more!

Your previous experience before DGY:

Alex has an associates degree in Business Administration for Schenectady CCC. He is also on track to receive a Bachelor's degree in Business, Management and Economics from SUNY Empire State in Spring of 2020.

What about the mission of DGY hits home for you and why?

Start with Love. These words inspire me everyday at Darn Good Yarn. Thinking of how we use the word love in everything that we do. We love our jobs, we love our planet and we love to see others create from what we do. We share our love for sustainable handmade products to others who create something even more magical with them!

What is your favorite DGY product and why?

My favorite product is our Banana Fiber Yarn, reasoning behind this is in the name. Yarn made from bananas!! It is crazy to think that the food I eat daily for breakfast can also be involved in producing such vibrant and soft yarn!