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Alan, E-Commerce Operations Specialist

Alan, E-Commerce Operations Specialist

Alan was born and raised in the Napa Valley of California. After moving to the Capital Region of New York State in the late 1970’s he received a degree from Skidmore College’s University Without Walls. He has worked at several area radio stations as an announcer and production director and now lives in Troy with his Wife Sandy, daughter Louise and fur buddies Trigger and Patrick.

Your previous experience before DGY:

He took up knitting about twenty years ago and became a Darn Good Yarn of the Month Club subscriber, and eventually member of the warehouse team, assembling and sending out subscription boxes!!

What about the mission of DGY hits home for you and why?

I was drawn to Darn Good Yarn’s website because of Nicole’s 6 core values, especially the idea of implementing creative innovation and to be kind. These require that each individual think all their actions through while preserving their own uniqueness.

What is your favorite DGY product and why?

At the moment I am obsessed with the DIY Amigurumi kits, but will pick and knit any of our silk yarn at a minutes notice.