Yarn Duster Jackets - How to Make and Wear Them

Kimonos as we know them are a beautiful and serene. Considered a traditional style of the Japanese culture, I find it interesting that the kimono originated in China as early as the 5th century. Kimono literally means a "thing to wear" and you can try this wikipedia link to learn more of the history, beauty, and intricacy of kimonos. We've taken inspiration from the shape and elegance of Kimono, and incorporated it into our line of duster clothing and kits!

Kimono style is determined with its boxy t-shape form. A simple design, yet kimonos are works of complex beauty. It's a hot style for 2016 in pajamas and suit jackets, coats and sweaters. Its all about the boxy styling and can be seen in the Spring 2016 Vogue's menswear by designer Thom Browne and also as women's fashion in this "how to wear it" informational piece thanks to bridgettarees.com! While they have a lose shape, kimonos can be quite sophisticated, casual or anything in between. The look can easily change by adding a sash (traditionally an Obi) or arm pin.

You can see those same T lines in this petite little sweater and free pattern called the Bulky Seamless Baby Duster. Love that this can be made with a bulky fiber and NO seams!!! This is courtesy of the Complete Fabrication blog.

Darn Good Yarn loves the duster look because the it's fabulous for covering areas you may want to cover (make it short or long in the body) and the seaming is quite straight forward (literally). Below see Nicole modeling her knit creation, the Duster Jacket made of recycled silk ribbon. This kit comes with everything except the needles!

Looking for a crochet alternative?

Our crochet kit is complete with everything you will need except an "N" and "P" crochet hook.

woman wearing a yarn kimono

Duster style has a simple t shape and allows clothes to drape and cover as you wish. Notice the t-shaped structure of kimono-influenced clothing. In making duster creations, the pattern give you large sections of repetitive stitches. Beauty and meditation all in one! Consider making something in the duster line and share your designs with us at Darn Good Yarn because we love what you do!

The duster style really fits us to a T!!!!!!