7 Reasons to Celebrate $1 Shipping with Darn Good Yarn

Okay, so I guess I live under a rock, but do you know what Green Monday is? I mean, I am well aware of Black Friday, Small Store Saturday, and Cyber Monday, but Green Monday? Thanks to another team member at Darn Good Yarn, I have learned that Green Monday is not about selling recycled fibers!

Sometimes, I can be so quirky and here is one of those posts. I really prefer my original idea about Green Monday being about taking care of Mother Earth soooo...I am going to share some of our amazing reclaimed items. I also love to oogle over our green fibers so am going to show you some of those, too!

1. How cool is this for air plants? Our Tiered Air Plant Hanger Pattern is a quick crochet and brings that earth friendly feel into any room. Because you put air plants in the planter, the yarn becomes just the vessel and one of our Darn Good Yarners came up with this sweet design. 

So I am going to jump in to the green that really excites me. We have the most incredibly, delicious recycled materials and there is no reason to delay this eye candy of greatness any longer. While I am thinking green, keep in mind that these fibers come in many color options.

Green ball of sari silk ribbon yarn sitting on a white background

2. Blasting with green, have you seen all of our Neon Handmade Sari Silk Ribbon? Rich with color, Krypton Green, just hollers to be used in a creation. Oh, and yep, this whole collection is made from recycled sari skirts! Any questions on why Green Monday is a bit different at Darn Good Yarn?

3. Here's an insider scoop on color from Pantone Color Institute... 

I love that Pantone has chosen the color Greenery as their 2017 color of the year. I also am moved by their explanation for choosing the color. After all, nature matters in a huge way! Perhaps my affinity for green is showing?

3 skeins of green and purple yarn arranged in a row on a white background

4. Silk Cloud is such a soft and luxurious yarn and if you are looking for something more subtle in color, our Silk Cloud 3 Pack has some hints of green along with some other color. These could be fun to work up in some playful socks! Yes, this yarn is made from silk waste and fair traded!

Teal ball of hemp yarn wrapped with a white logo with black text that reads '100% Hemp', sitting on a white background with black text that reads 'sweet teal'

5. Vegan lifestyle is very common place and we are super proud to carry a line of plant based, vegan yarns. I find myself embracing more and more vegan foods as I feel better for it. Have you tried something made from a plant like hemp or banana? Unique maybe, but earth friendly, definitely! Give vegan yarn a try!

Cropped image of a woman wearing a green and teal sari wrap skirt and brown moccasin shoes, laying on a white carpet surface next to a white box with a blue ribbon and Darn Good Yarn logo

6. Not sure if you know this, but we provide sustainable work for more than 600 women globally and have kept more than 1 million pounds of waste from going to landfills! Made in our co-ops in India, of reclaimed traditional sari material, our Sari Wrap Skirts are one more way we can feel good about Mother Earth!

4 skeins of green yarn all wrapped with a white Darn Good Yarn label and sitting on a white surface with black text that reads 'Color pack: Jungle'

7.Okay, so by now you are well educated on what a Darn Good Yarn Green Monday looks like! Our Chiffon Ribbon Ombres Packs come in really lovely color palettes with 10 different options! Oh! Yep, chiffon ribbon is recycled, too!

I suggest a cup of green tea and a darn good rest of your Monday! Our good buddy Friday is not all that far away and let's find joy in creating today! Now, doesn't that sound like a Darn Good way of uniquely enjoying Green Monday?