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11 or More Pokemon Crochet Patterns To Try and a Few Knit Ones, Too

September 21, 2016 2 min read

The firstPokémon games,Pokémon Red and Green Versions, came to the  Nintendo Game Boy system in Japan on February 27, 1996, which was the fulfillment of Satoshi Tajiri's dream and allowed people of all ages tocatch,train and trade 151 creatures and become aPokémon Master.

Darn Good Yarnis fascinated with again, yet another resurgence in Pokémon interest. With what the creators call generations, there have been many waves of Pokémon and here is yet another one; Pokémon Go is a whole new game! Do you know a Pokémon lover? How about making them their favorite character?


Really? How adorable is this Pichu? A shout out to for a great selection of Pokémon crochet patterns for you to try.I don't think these patterns are for the beginner but if you have basic crochet skills, you got this!

Banana Fiber - Darn Good Yarn

Totally loving the idea of making these with some of our banana fiber . The fiber is soft and almost silky,  the yarn is earth friendly, and it's made of bananas! Now what kid doesn't love bananas? We also have a rainbow of Pokémon colors! has 11 crochet patterns of Pokémon characters and I am finding the options endless, really! Look online to find the character you want to make and if you or your gang are playing Pokémon Go, bring your project with you while you are on your adventure!

Bulbasaurus has some amazing Pokémon creatures such as this knit pattern for a Bulbasaurus thanks to LittleKnitsWhits.  Matter of fact, have you been on Etsy lately or ever? We love to frequent Etsy for inspiration and to answer your darn good questions about our DGY yarns.


So how about a blanket square to go with your toy character? We found a cool knit pattern thanks to for this blanket square of Chamander. I love the use of color and inversion of color here.

Speaking of amazing color, have you tried this yarn? Another idea for making your creation would be to use this Gumball Yarn-it's soft, it's silk, and the colors are Pokémon perfect!

Or how about a Pokémon Beanie from Don't just stop at stuffed animals for your Pokémon characters...there are sooooooo many characters now. Explore the options for what you can make by going to sites like pinterest or etsy. And don't just limit yourself with yarn choice. We've got some darn good options!

Adorable right? I love these Pokémon puppets but as a former librarian, I have always had a thing for puppets. I found them on pinterest! Use pinterest to help you find designs and  patterns for puppets of any kind and stop by and say hi to Nicole and the Darn Good Yarners!

Okay! So I haven't downloaded Pokémon Go because I'd have to stop crocheting and knitting! But I sure have downloaded a few other patterns! Which Pokémon character are you going to make?