5 New Products Just for You

Stagnant is not in our vocabulary and here at Darn Good Yarn we love to bring new things to our online storefront. Rather than waiting for you to stumble across them, Keri suggested that we create a blog post about what is new and different!

We listen to you, our Darn Good Yarn family. After all we are a small team here and when you let us know what you love, we are able to search out and bring these products to you. An added bonus is that we provide work for many women and stock many recycled fibers!

1.Yes, we listen! Many of you wanted to see some needle work designs and we have some amazing designs for Cross Stitch Kits. These kits come with everything you need to get started on something new for your home or great for a housewarming gift!

2. Some of you have been requesting a more wild, more windswept version of our sari silk ribbon. We are pleased to introduce you to our Sari Silk Windswept Ribbon. This is the same, gorgeous sari ribbon that is handcrafted in India and now we offer a more organic edge for greater texture and spirit in your fiber arts.


3. As much as I love to craft, there are times when I just want to have the crafting done for me. The DGY Felted Leaf Clutch is just not something I know how to make and how adorable is this? Lots of color options, too!

4. Yes, coloring! It's all the rage and who doesn't love the opportunity to relax and play with color? The Darn Good Yarn coloring book is downloadable and a sweet way to retreat from the everyday. Great for inter-generational fun, too!

5. Looking for a heartwarming gift? Well this is actually toe-warming!!! Our artisan and fair trade socks are vibrant, warm, and the perfect way to stay warm this winter. Get some for your friends and be sure to get a pair for yourself.

We thrive on innovation and exploring new ideas. Our team loves to hear from our friends out there and welcome your suggestions! Contact us and let us know what you're thinking!  Please see our contact us page for more info!