Throw it in the Dryer?

I was just at an Alpaca Event at Ranch of the Oaks. Check out their yarn here.But I was talking to someone who knitted with my yarn and she said she threw it in the dryer. I'm talking about Darn Good Yarn's Premium Recycled Silk.

Click here to check out the yarn!

I just about fainted when I heard that. You see, I'm a total wus when it comes to my hand-knitted items. I have so little time to make them that they become treasured little nuggets so I "baby" them. But I figured I had to try this out...for the sake of all you out there feverishly crafting away with this great yarn!

So normally I tell people that if you want to wash your garment you can pick from this list: dry clean, dryel (the dry cleaning process you can do in your dryer), hand wash in cold water or throw your item in the machine with like colors on the delicate cycle with cold water.

And then to dry, I tell people to lay flat.

Well, for my experiment, I threw a swatch knitted up in stockinette stitch into the wash with like colored clothes on a ...**gasp** normal cycle. Yes, I even had jeans in there!

I took it out, not bad...could this be a Darn Good Breakthrough?

Now onto the dryer...


I threw everything into the dryer on regular heat and all. My result... it held its shape pretty well. It did get a little fuzzy but it did make it reaaaaaaally soft. I like the result! Here are some before and after pictures. Hope they help you!

Before Washing DGY's Recycled Silk

Now keep this in mind too. When I took these photos, you will notice the "after" swatch is upside down. There actually really wasn't that much loss in shape, my knitting was what didn't have any shape to begin with:)

After Washing & Drying DGY's Recycled Silk