The Perfect Home and Closet Gift Guide 2021

Looking to find gifts to give for everyone in your life? Your eccentric mom, picky sister, and quirky best friend (Oh, and don't forget yourself)? We love gifts that are more than a physical object. A gift with a story holds so much more meaning. We feel honored and inspired all year by the amazing artisans that hand make our products. Each time you make a purchase from Darn Good Yarn, you're giving back by creating jobs, saving the planet and empowering women all over the world. Now that's a gift worth giving. Here are our top picks for sustainable home goods and apparel for 2021. 

1. Peruvian Alpaca Socks

If your feet have yet to experience alpaca socks, you're in for a treat. These mid-calf crew alpaca blend socks will keep you cozy, warm and dry. We love alpacas so much, we put them ON one pair! The other two festive patterns will keep your spirits bright and your toes toasty.


Small (Women's 5-8, Men's 4-7)
Medium (Women's 8-10, Men's 7-9)
Large (Women's 10-12, Men's 9-11)
XL (Men's 11-14)

Three pack of alpaca socks sitting on top of opened gift box in snowy scene.

2. Recycled Sari Wrap Skirt

Your support of the Sari Wrap Skirt has saved over 1,000,000 pounds of sari fabric from ending up in a landfill! We've been able to provide jobs to artisan women in India and give our planet the opportunity to reuse what could have been waste. We are very proud of the good we've done together. We appreciate the fun and creative support we've received from our customer community.

These skirts come in Women's Sizes 1-32 and Girls sizes 4-14. We believe every person deserves to feel empowered and wear clothes that make them feel like the unique and bold person they are. Wearing sustainable clothes doesn't mean you have to sacrifice color or pattern. We proved it with these skirts!

Five Women wearing sari wrap skirts looking happy!

3. Mystery Sari Silk Medley Scarf

We use recycled material because it truly means every piece of clothing is one-of-a-kind. We love coming up with new ways to use the sari fabric and create fun products you can wear all the time. Born from this desire, we introduce you to the Mystery Sari Silk Medley Scarf! This scarf has four pieces of sari fabric sewn together to create a beautiful and unique item you can add to any outfit! We love wearing it as a scarf, but it also works as a chunky headband or headscarf!  

Women wearing mystery sari silk medly scarf drinking coffee at a coffee shop

4. Upcycled Sari Scrunchie

If you haven't heard the news, listen up... Scrunchies. Are. Back. The leading 80's trend is back with vengeance, and we're ready. The problem with trends is that usually they are made quickly and with bad supplies. We love trends and we love the planet, which is why our scrunchies are all made with recycled sari fabric! The fabric helps reduce frizz and keep that pony tail fashionable!

Women wearing sari scrunchie with a half-up hair do. 5 Pack of Sari scrunchies pictures next to women.

5. Boho Sling Crossbody Bag

Handmade in the Himalayas, these bags are perfect for showing off a more eclectic style while still being incredibly functional. Each color, sequin, stitch, and embellishment reflects the culture and rich tradition of the region. Every bag has a pocket inside as well as a zippered top. These bags are all handmade making every bag one-of-a-kind. You won't find two the exact same, making it as unique as it's wearer! 

Five bags handing on a fence with beautiful gold embroidery.

6. Pom Pom Tassel

Have we mentioned that nothing we do is boring? We look all over for ways to add more color into our life. Whether that be through our crafts, home decor, clothing, or accessories. These Pom Pom Tassels are perfect to add a splash of color into any outfit. We love attaching these to purses, backpack, key chain, or even wallet! Its easy to release clip makes it so easy to quickly swap between accessories so you can move it around whenever you want!

Pom Pom Tassel being held by the clip on a grey background

7. DIY Macrame Wall Hanging Kit

Have you played around with Macrame yet? We love it. It's the perfect way to add texture to a room and show off a bohemian, cozy style. This Macrame Wall Hanging DIY Kit includes instructions and all materials for making your own bohemian wall art with cotton yarn and wooden beads. This project is great for beginners or more advanced macrame artists. If you're looking to add some texture and funk to your home decor, this Macrame Wall Hanging is the perfect project for you.

One DIY macrame tapestry hanging adjacent to green plant.

8. Crocheted Flower Poncho

Our Crocheted Flower Poncho is an incredibly soft fall and winter accessory for staying warm and cozy during the cold months of the year. It's made with a gray poncho base and colorful crocheted flowers along the edges and center front. This darling poncho will add interesting shape, color, and playfulness to any outfit in your wardrobe!

Woman wearing multi-colored flower poncho on yellow wall background.

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