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Gifts For Knitters: Two Perfect and Budget Friendly Ideas

Hey there! I don't know about you, but I love giving gifts so much! Unfortunately, my wallet doesn't always align with the caliber of gifts I want to give. OR maybe you're in a different boat and don't knit or crochet but have someone in your life that does and are looking for the perfect gift for them... look no further, I've got you covered. AND i'm not going to give you a list of 20 different things you have to sort through and decipher what's best for who and all of that. I have two different ideas for you that you are just going to love and they will fit any budget. So without further ado, here they are:

Gifts for Knitters and Crocheters

Darn Good Yarn of the Month
This is the ideal gift for your best friend, wife or mother. It's easy on the wallet but it just keeps on giving so every single month your special person will be reminded of your love for them. In each package they will get a premium skein of yarn, an awesome surprise item and a pattern(both knit and crochet). They will also get a postcard talking about some of the awesome women from our cooperatives who hand-make our the yarn in each box and a special note talking about the month's project. Did I mention it's only $10 plus a flat shipping rate?! <3 Check it out here.

Darn Good Yarn of the Month

Handmade Wooden Yarn Bowl
While this doesn't keep giving in the same way that the Monthly Yarn Club does, it keeps on keeping on in a different way. These gorgeous yarn bowls are handcarved and they are so sturdy they will last for years to come. Perfect for any level fiber artist! We have several different ones to choose from, which you can find here. Below is a picture of our bestseller and you can purchase it by clicking the image. (It's only $34.50 if you use the code YB50 at checkout.)

We often get questions about how to choose a gift for a knitter or crocheter. Now, unless they are a beginner or picking the art back up after a couple of years, its quite likely that they have a whole stash of yarn and everything else from needles and hooks and patterns. Who knows, they might even have a yarn bowl... and probably won't buy another one for themselves even if they would like a second one. That's why we chose these two items as the perfect gift for the fiber lovers and artists in your life.

Getting a simple and fun DIY knit or crochet project/kit in the mail each month is truly ideal no matter what stage they are at - kids and adults, beginners, intermediate, advanced. PLUS the yarn included is a premium yarn and are truly unique fibers that you won't find anywhere else. Better yet, you are giving them a gift that also gives back and we will include a beautiful document in each package telling them all about the women artisans that are helping around the world. 

We heart it: Relationship Goals

Do you know why I love February 14th so much? Well, it's a beautiful day full of love<3, chocolate & the halfway point of being done with February---bringing us closer to Spring!! :)  But, all jokes aside, it is a beautiful day to celebrate the pairing of two people (or yarns) that compliment & bring out the best in each other all while making beautiful creations together. 


The Women Behind It All: Meet Biwi

This is absolutely going to be my favorite part of each of these 3 part series. I get to introduce you to the amazing women artisans who make our products; the very reason this company is what it is. I couldn't be more thrilled <3 

So without further ado, meet Biwi Chunni. She works with one of our cooperatives and makes the yarn many of you use. There are 10 people in her family and include herself, her husband, 4 sons and 4 daughters. (And I thought just one was a handful.) :)

The Art of the Journey

My mind is always going a million miles a minute but there are certain things that linger in the back. Included are our artisans that we work with. We all have a story. I don’t know all of your stories and there are parts of my story that you don’t know either, but somehow, in someway, we are all connected. You see, I interact with my domestic employees on a daily basis and I get to interact with each of you on the interwebs, but unless I am face to face, I don’t get to interact with my artisans. I don’t get to hear how their families are doing and what is new in each of their lives. But, what little I do get to know and hear is truly one of my greatest rewards at the end of each day.

8 Historical Photos of People Crafting

Okay, so I love black and white photography. I find that surprising because I am such a color fanatic, but it's true. Something about the light and shading that completely captures my eye. The photos show emotion so well with the lack of color.

And older photos can get me to thinking....I almost climb into the photo. One of my favorites is French photographer, Jacques Henri Lartigue, because it feels like one can discover humor, love, and live in his stories. I can just imagine the back story.

I digress! I thought it would be fun to share some photos of crafting. I'm going to add some captions but do take time to venture in to these photos as well. Did you see the net repair photo? Our fiber arts tradition began with fishermen!  Fiber arts are a huge part of our lives today but it's fun to consider the past through these photos!

Happy Knitter

1. This one cracks me up as it looks very contrived. Perhaps a cover for a catalog at one time?  I certainly love my knitting but rarely dress for the occasion and never sit in a straight back chair!

I Think I Dropped a Stitch

2. Okay, so this is not a photo. I love this painting of the Monk Knitting by Lytras Nikiphoros. This looks like the knit project may be done, but certainly the monk is deep in thought. You know how we inspect our handwork!

Bottom's Up

3. Fiber arts are such a broad craft area. This Haidi woman of Massat is weaving a basket. Look closely as this work requires great detail. Note the carving in the background. What an amazing photo! Looking for a simple basket idea? We've got you covered!

We Love Unique!

4. Yep, we are all about creativity, unique fibers, and creating happiness!  The stilt shepherds of Landes, in southwest France, were able to care for their sheep in marsh, scrub, and boggy lands because of their stilts. This fellow is working with wool while on his stilts! Talk about multi-tasking!


5. Crochet was absolutely a past-time for royalty such as Alexandra Petrovna- Grand Duchess of Russia.  Note her head-wear and adornments are crochet projects that many of us don't know of today! While times have changes, it's exciting to know that what brings us joy has been around for quite some time!

The World Keeps Spinning

6. Spinning is something I would love to learn and is on my crafting list!  Being an amateur weaver, spinning seems like a logical progression. I'd love to grab some of our Pulled Silk Fiber and sit right down with these ladies. Imagine the knowledge these ladies could share with us!

Off the Grid

7. This old photograph cracks me up. Mixed media art is definitely the theme of class today. Students have their yarn and their canvas-looks like some type of needle work? For me, I would much prefer a cross stitch kit from Darn Good Yarn!

Sew What? 

8. Some of us remember home ec class in school. I have vivid memories of struggling through the sewing portion of that class and the hot pink, wide wale, corduroy jumper that I made. Yuck! Sewing surely has come a long way, baby!

Whatever your craft, we love supporting your creativity. It's fun to look at historical photos to put our traditions in perspective.  One of our goals for this year is to create happiness so please ask the Darn Good Yarn team if you need support or have a question!

4 Romantic Ways to Gift Creative People Monthly

Romance lives on! In a world that can often feel full of challenges, romance can bring love, excitement, and share joy in our lives.  And remember, romance can come in so many ways so why not be the one to put that sweet "I Love You" idea out there. 

While Valentine's Day is a holiday to let your loved one or ones know just how much you care, why not give them a delivery each month? In sending a monthly subscription from Darn Good Yarn, you are reminding that special someone just how much you care! How romantic is that? Here are three of our subscriptions to get you started:

1. Our Darn Good Yarn of the Month subscription is a sweet deal and a fine way to say "I Love You" every month. The really neat thing is that each month your recipient will get a pattern, a skein of one of our unique fibers, and a crafting "goodie". Oh, and this one might be great for self-gifting!

2. Have a bead loving crafter in your life? Our Darn Good Beads of the Month subscription is really going to bring some heartfelt bling to their doorstep! Each box contains high quality beads, facets, and a seasonally themed project with step-by-step instructions for any skill level. With each delivery, you will deliver new techniques and provide new and exciting fair trade materials to that someone special!

3. Perhaps you want to send some of the best of the best each month? The Premium Darn Good Yarn subscription does just that! Bundle your love up with a special delivery each month that will inspire and give options for exploring new creative pathways. We pack each box with the joy of creativity just for the one you love!

Every month, the person you gift will receive a perfectly curated box with 200 grams of yarn, a surprise sample card of yarn and a pattern. The inspiration for our monthly boxes come from artists just like you! Each month, we carefully select an Artist of the Month whose pattern will be featured in an upcoming Darn Good Yarn Club box.

4. Our monthly subscriptions can be a romantic way to keep that love and happiness coming in a special delivery. Here's yet another thought for that creative person- the gift of choice! A  Darn Good Yarn gift card!  At our house, we say "options are a good thing" and you can get a downloadable gift subscription for Valentine's Day or whenever. We love creating happiness!

Gift cards come in may denominations so pick what works for you and it comes as a speedy download!  Why, you could give a gift card  every now and then, knowing that your love and thoughtfulness gives the wonderful gift of choice! 

Our DGY romantic ways to gift creative people are ideas that keep on giving. Add a bottle of wine, a night out, or a sweet card. Whatever your style, the Darn Good Yarn team would love to hear how you wrapped your romance with Darn Good Yarn!