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4 Romantic Ways to Gift Creative People Monthly

Romance lives on! In a world that can often feel full of challenges, romance can bring love, excitement, and share joy in our lives.  And remember, romance can come in so many ways so why not be the one to put that sweet "I Love You" idea out there. 

While Valentine's Day is a holiday to let your loved one or ones know just how much you care, why not give them a delivery each month? In sending a monthly subscription from Darn Good Yarn, you are reminding that special someone just how much you care! How romantic is that? Here are three of our subscriptions to get you started:

1. Our Darn Good Yarn of the Month subscription is a sweet deal and a fine way to say "I Love You" every month. The really neat thing is that each month your recipient will get a pattern, a skein of one of our unique fibers, and a crafting "goodie". Oh, and this one might be great for self-gifting!

2. Have a bead loving crafter in your life? Our Darn Good Beads of the Month subscription is really going to bring some heartfelt bling to their doorstep! Each box contains high quality beads, facets, and a seasonally themed project with step-by-step instructions for any skill level. With each delivery, you will deliver new techniques and provide new and exciting fair trade materials to that someone special!

3. Perhaps you want to send some of the best of the best each month? The Premium Darn Good Yarn subscription does just that! Bundle your love up with a special delivery each month that will inspire and give options for exploring new creative pathways. We pack each box with the joy of creativity just for the one you love!

Every month, the person you gift will receive a perfectly curated box with 200 grams of yarn, a surprise sample card of yarn and a pattern. The inspiration for our monthly boxes come from artists just like you! Each month, we carefully select an Artist of the Month whose pattern will be featured in an upcoming Darn Good Yarn Club box.

4. Our monthly subscriptions can be a romantic way to keep that love and happiness coming in a special delivery. Here's yet another thought for that creative person- the gift of choice! A  Darn Good Yarn gift card!  At our house, we say "options are a good thing" and you can get a downloadable gift subscription for Valentine's Day or whenever. We love creating happiness!

Gift cards come in may denominations so pick what works for you and it comes as a speedy download!  Why, you could give a gift card  every now and then, knowing that your love and thoughtfulness gives the wonderful gift of choice! 

Our DGY romantic ways to gift creative people are ideas that keep on giving. Add a bottle of wine, a night out, or a sweet card. Whatever your style, the Darn Good Yarn team would love to hear how you wrapped your romance with Darn Good Yarn!



8 Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Creative People

Feed the Passion

Crafters are passionate about what they do, the materials they use, and creating incredible handmade gifts.  This is the season of love, though all things at Darn Good Yarn "start with love", and we want to share with you some really awesome Valentine's Day ideas for gifting your crafter and those seeking the creative lifestyle.

Yes, we love our wine! We love our chocolate! Here is what really will set our creative hearts a-flutter this Valentine's Day! Pick out a gift that really sparks our fires and makes us fill up with love and happiness. Here are a few suggestions of what Nicole and the DGY team are loving right now:

1.We created this one just for you! Ogle over our Best of Darn Good Yarn Packs which will give your crafter both an amazing selection of our yarns and a darn good sale price! Note the gorgeous "Struck by Cupid" color choice-perfect for your love! 

Struck by Cupid contains 1 skein of white yak, 1 skein of pink suede ribbon, 1 skein of pink windswept ribbon and 1 skein of red multi-colored banana fiber.  All packs come with a free DGY silk bag! What's not to love? 

2. Hand crafted yarn bowls are the perfect gift for the knitter, crocheter, or fiber arts person in your life! These amazing bowls are better than candy because they have over 550 great reviews AND provide work for over 50 people. Providing sustainable work is something we can all feel happy about and is oh, so sweet!

We offer several options for bowls so check it out. Our Designer Craft Pack makes another almost-better-than-chocolate Valentine's gift! With fiber, pattern, needles, bowl, and bag this is an impressive gift all in one! This is going to have you looking good!!!

Writing You a Love Letter


3. Honestly, with crafters if you buy any beautiful fiber, you have it covered. The truth is we all have a fiber addiction and you may as well feed it! Take a look at our gorgeous fiber options and throw together skeins of love. This wool is "Love Letter! Believe me, you can't go wrong with that Valentine's gift!

4. Does #3 above make you a bit nervous? Hey, we want to make this fun so don't go there. If you are not sure about what to choose (though you can't go wrong), how about giving the gift of choice? The Darn Good Yarn gift card allows you to encourage your crafting person the extreme pleasure of choosing fibers, clothing, or other goods right from our site!

Wrapped with Love

6. Speaking of clothing (yes, we support the creative lifestyle even if you are not crafty), have you seen our amazing skirt line? Through Nicole's collaborative efforts with co-ops in India, we are able to carry the most amazing, fair trade handmade skirts while providing year round work for women! Buy this Gift Giver Pack for all your loves!

7. Or how about our cotton skirts? Our maroon maxi skirt has a feel of Valentine's colors with an exotic flair. Our cotton skirts, with amazing color choices, might just be perfect for your vegan love, too!

Special Delivery

8. Wanna give a gift that keeps on giving? Over the moon in love and want to have a Valentine's Day gift that goes far beyond a one time gift? We love creating happiness and our monthly gift subscriptions are the perfect way to have a special delivery go to that special someone! Check this link for details on how they work!

We offer both yarn and bead subscriptions so if you have a mixed media artist in your life, the monthly bead delivery is just perfect for keeping those heartfelt feelings going! A great way to put a bit of sparkle in your love life, we know this one is sure to win hearts!

One of Nicole's goals for this year is to create happiness. The Darn Good Yarn Team is on it and taking action on ways to bring more happiness to you. Whatever and whoever you love, this list of things we are passionate about is sure to be a hit-and hey, be sure to gift yourself this Valentine's Day! xo


How To Use a Darn Good Yarn of the Month Subscription

Special Delivery

Monthly subscriptions are a big part of Darn Good Yarn. With so many fair trade and unique handcrafted fibers, one of our goals is to figure out the best way to get those fibers into your hands. We know there is nothing ordinary about the fibers we carry and we also want to inspire you to try new things!

Like this sweet little grandchild, we are really excited about our yarn and bead subscriptions! Getting word out there about our Darn Good Yarn Monthly Yarn Subscription has been easy thanks to the many new members we have! That being said, photos of what people receive in their special delivery package might be the best explanation of all!

We will send a pattern  each month and you can use it or add it to your collection.The  beautiful photo above is from Richie on facebook!  This Darn Good Yarner decided to venture out on her own and made this fun hat that her granddaughter is wild about! And so are we!

What'cha Get?

Each month, the Yarn of the Month Club members will receive a sampling of Darn Good yarn, a pattern, and some other goodie.  In December, packages included a skein of recycled sari ribbon, a scarf pattern, and US size 15 wooden knitting needles.

Around the 20th of each month (providing you have signed up previous to the 1st of the month), there  will be a unique delivery and we are offering this for $10 plus shipping of $4 in the lower 48 and $6. for anywhere else. Bargain, right? Please read our FAQ for more information about the Darn Good Yarn of the Month Club!

Patterns may be for knit, crochet, or some other craft! This is intended as an appetizer, a dabbling in fiber(not the kind that you eat!), a delicious taste that leaves you wanting more!

Some interesting suggestions from those receiving our basic subscriptions:

  • One person is going to receive the package and then re-gift it to a different crafting friend each month
  • Another wants to save each month's delivery and at some point use all the fibers, notions, and a pattern to make one very diversified handcraft with the fibers
  • Many people are ordering this as an ongoing gift (remember, you can opt out when you want) for the crafter in their life, near or far
  • And many more are gifting themselves and love the anticipation of a special crafting delivery each month

In letting you know about our Darn Good Yarn of the Month subscription, I certainly want to share some of our gang that shared what the scarfs they made with the December supplies.

Being a color junkie and a purple lover, I chose to post some gorgeously rich purples. Our Darn Good Yarner, @demonpeepers, loves purple as well and looks great in this creation she whipped up!

Order Up!

Subscriptions are intended as suggestions-some may dive in to the project such as our scarf pattern in December, our upcoming Artist of the Month pattern, or just add it to their pattern stash. There are no rules with our subscriptions and the intent is to have some fun while pushing boundaries with fiber!  A fun, education in crafting!

Consider our Darn Good Yarn of the Month and options for how to use it or share it with others. Then consider that we have other craft subscriptions including our Premium Darn Good Yarn of the Month and our Darn Good Yarn Beads of the Month!  

This company starts with love and always has. Whether for yourself, friends, or that crafting grandchild, Darn Good Yarn subscriptions are one sweet delivery offering a springboard to creativity and unique crafting. We love shipping out a little happiness for you each month! What's on your doorstep?!!!

Thanks to Our Darn Good Yarn Family

Take Time to Breathe

Wow! What a whirlwind this time of year is! Parties, holidays shopping, logistics, and more festivities! Maybe, it's because I am older, but I now look at this time of year selectively! I love that craziness because it makes the dark days go by and that is fine with me! But, I also remind myself that it is also a time to find peace and I take time to breathe!

The gang here at Darn Good Yarn wishes you those moments of peace and wants to share our story, too, We are going to pause and breathe for a moment as we reflect on the sustainable, year round work we are able to provide for 600 women around the globe.In providing appropriate work, families not only survive, but thrive!

We also want to take a moment to consider that we have now kept more than one million pounds of silk material from going to landfills. In having a recycled material line, we are offering amazing fibers such as our sari ribbon, AND being conscientious about Mother Earth. This needs to happen and we are super proud to be on the front lines of reclaiming and recycling. It just makes sense!

And You!

And of course, we want to take time to thank our Darn Good Yarners. Whether purchasing our sari silk skirts, our gorgeous fibers, or the cozy-warm winter socks, it's you who makes this company model work. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your belief in what we do and for being part of our family!

Our Wish to You

Whatever you celebrate this time of year, the Darn Good Team wishes you health and happiness, time to breathe and find peace. And of course, opportunity for the joy of creating! We believe in "starting at love" and encourage you to gift yourself this personal mission, as well. As always, the sun returns (hooray!) and how fortunate we are to have our Darn Good Yarn family taking another spin in this darn good world! Again, thank you!

10 Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

Hey, we love supporting you with your crafting dreams and about now, we know that you could use some inspiration with gifts for the holiday season. How do we know this? Because we, too, are doing the last minute frenzied, crazies! How is it that every year there is always one more thing to do or one more person that I want to bake, buy, or bundle with holiday joy?

Well, I am writing this blog because the Darn Good Yarn team wants to lighten your load. I mean, for those celebrating Chanukah, Christmas, Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, or whatever you get festive with, it's time to do the last minute gifts and get on with the festivities! I have some great suggestions on how to get through this and do it stress free!!! 

1. Grab a glass of wine or a cup of your favorite tea! Set that glass away from your computer or handheld device but refer to that glass regularly!

2, If you have a list, grab that, too, and know that it's time to finish up that list whether they have been naughty or nice. Let's get to this!

3. Sip said beverage (see #1) and be realistic with that list. You want a gift for this or that person, but it may be too late to start that beautiful Lotus Lace Shawl and the mittens are not happening, at least not in time for the holidays. Hard to imagine that stores will have just what you wanted to gift at this point, so take another sip of said beverage (yep, #1 again) and relax.

4. So ready for a few thoughts that WILL work for last minute gifting? Hooray! Because I am, too! Let the stress go and still find amazing, joyous ways for giving to the crafter and non-crafter in your life at Darn Good Yarn!

5. Yes, yes, yes! Ho, ho, ho! A gift card from Darn Good Yarn is an excellent last minute gift idea. Found here and on the bottom of our website page, www.darngoodyarn.com,  you can choose how much you wish to gift and we will email you a downloadable gift certificate that you can give to any one on your list!

The great thing about this is it's quick, yes, but it also gives that person on your list the gift of choice. They can choose from all of our deliciously unique fibers which any yarn enthusiast will love. We have inspirational patterns and kits, too, that they can get using their gift card. And did you know, we have all kinds of great options for the creative lifestyle, even when the person is not into crafting like our amazing sari silk skirts.

6. Here's another quick idea! Downloadable patterns give new inspiration to your craft person and we have patterns for all different types of crafting!  You will find the downloads in your email after you purchase them! Print them out, wrap them with some ribbon, and viola, you can head back to #1 here!

7. Definitely time for a bit more beverage (#1, of course) and here is another simple idea for last minute gifting; the Darn Good Yarn Adult Coloring Book is a quick little download and pairing this with crayons, pencils, or paints makes for a sweet gift. Because we love stress-free living, we of course, had to create our own coloring pages! Pairs well with #1!

8. Now, I want to mention our subscriptions! Hmm...we have three really fun options-where to start? Our Premium Darn Good Yarn of the Month subscription is incredibly rewarding for the crafter in your life with premium yarn and patterns. This monthly delivery won't start immediately but ordering before the 1st of the month, guarantees that special someone a special delivery around the 20th of each month!

9. The other yarn club is our Darn Good Yarn of the Month club is super, fun way to gift someone a sampling of yarn and patterns from our diverse fiber collection. Again, placing your order before the 1st ensures a special delivery to that someone on your list starting in January!

10. Our third subscription is our Darn Good Yarn Beads of the Month club! Each month the person you gift will get a box of beads, facets, and a seasonally themed project expertly curated by Designer Maggie Dykzuel. Order now and this too, will ship around the 20th on a monthly basis!

Phew! So many ideas for last minute gift giving at Darn Good Yarn. I love all these ideas and keep in mind, the gift card is easy but also gives the gift of choice which is tremendous for many of us! I think I need to head for #1 after all this shopping!

Happy Holidays from the gang at Darn Good Yarn!

DIY Cat Yarn Ball- A Holiday Gift for Pets



Okay, I confess! My two cats rule! They are the complete and total bosses of our home. And all of us pet-crazed people need to keep our pets busy over the winter, right? Robert and Maxine (my shelter cats) love romping outdoors in our cat safe world, but with cooler weather, I find them in more and looking for extra-curricular activities.

My cats are older so they love to watch me knit, crochet, and weave. They are more engaged weavers than the other crafts! This time of year I need to keep them active- a bit like me, they need to be coerced into action. Play is important for all of us in our house and during the winter it keeps us nimble of mind and body! Yes, think yarn!

Cat Scratch Fever!

Yarn balls are a great winter activity for cats, dogs, and their humans! Here is one idea for yarnballs thanks to makingtimeformommy.com and I would love to share my thoughts on this, too. Do you have extra yarn? Why, of course you do! Taking some yarn, stash busting at its best,  and you can easily create a yarn ball for your cats (or dogs!).

Wind the yarn much as you would for a ball for yourself EXCEPT wind it tighter. The yarnballs I make for my cats are wound as tight as possible for the core (avoiding the need for a styrofoam or other inner core). Basically, I love using a lace yarn wound very tight because that means it is not going to unravel.

So now, do you want a small toy (my cat's preference) or a large one? After a taut ball is started I tightly knot a bulkier fiber and wrap this around the core layer. The bulky yarn has more texture for claws and creates a bit of intrigue (after all they are curious!). If you want a bigger yarnball, obviously you need more wraps. 

Lastly, I create a long, loose end on the ball that serves two purposes. I can hold the yarn ball end while the cats and I get our chilly weather diversion and family time of fun! Or, the cats can have fun with the long string (preferred method in my home) while I hold the ball. Wild abandon ensues!

Going to the Dogs

And yes, we love diversity so whether you have a dog, cat, or pet rabbit that enjoys yarnballs and winter play, it's time to create those holiday gifts for your pets. How about a matching scarf and cowl kit for you and your favorite dog? Be sure to check out all the other holiday gift idea blogs we've shared for more help with gifting.

The Darn Good Yarn Team and all of our menagerie of pets can't wait to hear what yarn toys you make for your pets. And if you use up some of your stash making yarnballs or other quick toys that means you can buy more unique yarn!