Stuff to do in Lompoc CA Tasting at the Flying Goat!!! Pinot Noir I love thee!

So, some of you might know that Mike and I are a little into wine... well we at least have a wine fridge so I perhaps we can get partial credit..hmmm.


Flying Goat Cellars Lompoc CA

But on the rare weekend Mike has off we like to go out tasting. We were falling into a rut out here though because we were part of a few wine clubs...and when you have more than a "couple" of bottles from the same place, well I think you have to switch it up. So, we were told about the Wine Ghetto here in Lompoc CA.

Well, the name, hmmm I wasn't so sure... were we going to get our wine poured into Dixie cups?

Dixie Cups?!

Did we need bullet proof vests, did we need the Club for our car? No, no, no. We were pleasantly surprised to find that while the location is a little odd it's a gem. But isn't that how it always goes for those little wine treasures?!

So today, we tasted at the Flying Goat Cellars . When we first got there, I ran straight to the little girls room and when I came out my Mike was saying well, we're joining the wine club because it's practically all Pinot Noirs (that's one of our favorites!). We started the taste with a sparking pinot (oh yummy.. you know me and anything, diamonds, and my yarn..yes my yarn). From there it was like taking an adventure all through the Central Coast of California. Grapes from everywhere and our pourer was FANTASTIC. I will really say she was the best pourer we've came into contact with out here in a long time! She was super knowledgeable and so helpful and happy to talk about the wine even though we were younger. That's often a gripe of mine at these tasting rooms. We under-dress on purpose and it's hilarious to see the up-and-down we get from some people... it usually indicates if we're going to buy wine there or not. And the manager of the room was helpful too! She was telling us all about these great events coming up! Just a lot of talk about the wine, it was great! I'm no expert in wine, while I adore it, it's always nice to learn something new and experience in your glass.

So, finally we found something cool to so in the Central Coast.. discover new wineries. The Flying Goat Cellers room here in Lompoc just opened in March so get on over there (it's behind the Home Depot) and start tasting! You can thank me later! The wines are rich, deep, complex, have a great price tag and will show you the depth and versatility of Pinot Noir.


Nicole, Mike and Squeakers!