Random Acts of Kindness, Random Acts of Yarn Giveaway!


Random Acts of Kindness

It may seem a bit cliche to say "random acts of kindness" as it is a phrase that is often used. The idea of kindness and doing for others is not new but in today's society there are many things that fit under this umbrella of giving and kindness. Giving or helping out is something that many of us do in our lives. Daily. It is just what we do!  

Darn Good Yarn business started with love...it is that simple. The commitment is to improve the lives of others through having an inventory of fair trade items for sale  that help people on a global scale with your purchase. And to that end, we would like to thank you for your random acts of kindness whether it is about buying yarn from us or making mittens for a needy child or just smiling on your journey.  We have a drawing for one $100 gift certificate for yarn at our Online Yarn Store.  Be sure to enter the drawing because you deserve to win!

My favorite holiday gift ever was from a young man who has a disability. As a librarian, some years I read "Polar Express" by Chris VanAllsburg to the older children. After coming to this story time, he returned to the library and gave me a small wrapped package. Peeling off the wrapping, I saw a red, homemade construction box with a large jingle bell inside. This bell represents believing and to this day, the faded homemade box with the bell inside comes out each December to remind me that random acts of kindness come in all forms. 

Giving Back

Doing things for others fills us up and here is a suggestion for using your random acts of yarn.  What I love about creating things for other is that you don't have to be an expert and you work on the project at your leisure.  When people aren't expecting the gift, there is no time line and the joy that you promote is contagious!

Scarves make great projects for beginners or experts alike. 

Special Olympic athletes 

need outdoor gear. This link lists all the types 

of outerwear the athletes need. Participants wear colors for their state 

and this can be found at the link below. Not all 

states are listed yet but giving knows no boundaries!   

Special Olympics Scarf Project

Any guess which state I live in by looking at the colors? (No, it is not the state of confusion!) 

Teach kindness. I love this video from a school in Fresno California and their Kind Kids Club and Captain Kindness! Children learn by modeling others.  Kindness goes beyond the act of kindness offered because it can become a lifestyle. I smiled through this whole video and am reminded that while I enjoy being kind, it can teach the children well.Kindness is contagious!

DIY acts of kindness can fill many niches because you can be creative while helping those in need. Check out Darn Good Yarn Ideas on Pinterest with some great free pattern pins and Ideas for DIY Random Acts of Kindness from Pinterest if you need a few more ideas.

Spread kindness.  Find an easy scarf pattern such as our 30 Minute Arm Scarf Kit found here or this easy crochet scarf pattern for beginners seen at the left.  Hone your skills while working on this project then pair it with this Shel Silverstein poem and give it to someone who you don't normally see in person. Every time they wear the scarf they will feel your hug!  

Reward yourself too!  

Enter here for your chance to win Darn Good Yarn!  

Good Luck and retreat from the every day.  Let the kindness flow.