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Personal Wall Rainbow

June 18, 2020 2 min read

In honor of Pride Month, we've created this super cute wall hanging to spread some positive vibes and creativity. 

What you will need:

  • Lace Weight Yarn (I used DGY Lace Weight in Exotic Rainbow) 
  • Wooden Wreath Ring 
  • Scissors 
  • Paint (optional) 
  • Fake Flowers (optional) 
  • Glue (optional) 

Step One: (optional) 

I decided that I didn't like the plain wood of my wreath ring, so I decided to paint it white. 

Step Two: 

Now you need to wind the yarn into a ball (if you're yarn isn't already caked or balled). With our lace weight, I've found the best way to wind it is to unskein the hank, toss it over my knees, and unwind that way :) 

Step Three:

Once your yarn is unwound, cut the yarn into strips. You can choose to cut the yarn based on length or color. I cut the yarn into specific color combinations to create the rainbow effect. I like to cut the yarn and then sort them into neat little piles for easy access while I'm tying the yarn to the wooden circle. 

Step Four: 

Now that your yarn is cut, you can start tying the yarn to your wooden circle. Taking 4 strands at a time, tie a simple double knot around the wooden circle. 

Step Five: 

Continue tying your yarn strands around your wooden circle. The more strands you use, the fuller the wall hanging will look. 

Step Six: (optional) 

Once you've added all the yarn that you'd like, you can add fake flowers, leaves, or other decorations to cover up the knots if you don't like the rustic look (I've done this on another wall hanging that I did) 


If you don't want to add on anything else to your wall hanging, you will still have a gorgeous piece of art that you made with love to hang on your wall! :) 

Happy crafting!