Newly Discovered Yarn is Over 3,000 Years Old (and Newer Plant Based Fibers)


Okay! So we all have a love-hate affair with facebook, right? Most of us use it! Some of us are addicted to it! Some of us hate to admit that this is where we spend a lot of time! Well, I have gotten over it because I am busy and the reality is that I can find soooo much information on facebook! One stop shopping!

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Yeah, Older than Dirt!

And speaking of using of facebook, did you see the amazing information about this tiny ball of yarn? It's 3,000 years old. For much of its existence, it has been buried underground, in boggy land, along with the rest of the remains of three small houses built millennia ago, near what's now Cambridge, England.

Ever since archaeologists discovered Must Farm, which has been called Britain's Pompeii, they have been uncovering small clues as to what life was like for the families that lived here. This ball of yarn is one of the most delicate finds--extraordinary in its survival over all these years. Here is the facebook link to the Must Farm discovery.

Plant Based Fiber

two skeins of nettle and hemp yarn

The artifact is one of a rich cache of finds that includes textiles, beads, and domestic tools. Like other fibers discovered at the location, the yarn is probably plant-based in origin. “All the textiles appear to have been made from plant fibers,” said Margarita Gleba, an archaeologist specializing in textiles. “The people at Must Farm used cultivated species, such as flax as well as wild plants, such as nettle and perhaps trees, to obtain raw materials.”

How cool is it that DGY has so many plant based, vegan friendly products?!!! Yes, we are flying forward with technology and the cultural phenomena of facebook and other social media but there is a huge trend toward using earth friendly fibers and so much to learn from these archaeological digs!

yarn skeins close up

The folks back then really knew their stuff, too so there is much to learn from them! “The linen textiles found at Must Farm are among the finest from Bronze Age Europe,” Gleba added. “Wild fibers appear to have been used for coarser fabrics made in a different technique, known as twining.” Wanting to read more about this find? Yep, check out  Must Farm Arcaheology on facebook! See, this social media stuff isn't so bad after all!

So is your stash looking rather ancient, too? Darn Good Yarn has some incredible unique fibers and we'd love to help you find something a bit newer than this old ball of yarn!  How amazing that a 3,000 year old ball of yarn was found and even more amazing that we have the technology to learn about it!  I love intertwining the old with the new! Be sure to friend us on facebook or follow us on twitter! There's a lot to learn about, old and new in the world of DGY fiber!