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New Silk Sari Ribbon and Allergies Attack!

by Nicole Snow May 20, 2015

New Silk Sari Ribbon and Allergies Attack!

Holy moly,

It's finally Friday and just after 10am to boot...where did my morning go? Oh I know where...watch the video to find out! Also, have you seen the new Silk Sari Ribbon colors? If not, check them out here: New Sari Ribbon Colors

Also, the shop that was featured in the video below is

Taming of the Ewe
26 Public Square SW, Jacksonville, AL 36265 (256) 727-7081 ‎ taming-the-ewe.blogspot.com
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Way to go Detta!

Oh and if you're interested, my new site that I just launched is called http://thecraftywiner.com

Have a wonderful day everyone!



Nicole Snow
Nicole Snow

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