Magic Yarn for Children With Cancer And Other Yarn Ideas for Helping Cancer Patients


Magic Yarn Project

Let's face it, cancer affects us all. We all have suffered the struggles of cancer either first hand or vicariously as we see family and friends faced with the challenges of cancer.The hardest of all may be when we see young children with cancer; somehow there is no justification for such innocence being affected with such a dreadful and unrelenting disease.Let's get to the positives here and have I got options for you!


How does yarn come into this blog story? In a darn good way, of course! Children are resilient and this photo above tells a story. A story of love and yarn, too! Look at those beautiful smiles and it makes your heart melt. The magic yarn project is an incredible project where yarn becomes the magic for bringing out these princess smiles! Workshops and patterns are offered on how to make the various wigs for young cancer patients. This idea has taken the internet by storm and here is a wonderful posting thanks to little about how the magic yarn project is helping dreams come true.

Interested? Exotic fibers and unique yarn options can add that extra something to your princess wig project. Workshops and tutorials provide the information, and we have you covered with some crazy ideas for embellishing your wig. You may want to try a soft cotton when making the crochet beanie patterns, a great start to creating smiles! Then accessorize with beautiful bows and ribbons for the most beautiful princess of all.

More Magic with a Mad Hatter Drive

I love this idea! The amazing organization Hats Off For Cancer has ideas, patterns, support, and a great way for kids/classes to help others during Childhood Cancer/Awareness Month or any time of year! I'm a huge advocate of teaching children about giving back and paying it forward; this is a wonderful way to help children with cancer in a small, personal way or with school wide participation.

Style Matters

Chemo caps are something that can be made for all ages, all genders, all with love. I make a couple caps every year and send them to Hope Lodge in Burlington, Vermont. I feel good about honoring those I love and  sharing that love with others who are dealing with the challenges of chemotherapy. Here is a truly inspiring post thanks to about the hows and whys of making these caps.

In the post, I love her photos of hats with flowers and it reminds me of our Boho Chic Necklace (seen above)and the wonderful flowers made with our sari silk ribbons. The sari silks are durable and soft and will make a chemo cap a very unique and flattering expression of style. So yes, fiber matters with chemo caps but what can you do to make the person wearing that hat feel beautiful on the inside and on the outside?

Giving BACK and Paying It FORWARD

Caring For Others One Stitch At A Time is the mission of the group and co-founder Tracey Wells knows well the struggles that cancer can bring to families. I am pleased to share their site with our crocheting friends. The pages are rich with ideas for patterns, where to give, how to form a chapter, and even a basic crocheting tutorial for those of you who are just getting started with this wonderful craft. And we have the crochet supplies to get you going! 

Halos of Hope is another organization dedicated to making hats for cancer patients of all ages, has a pattern library, and ideas on where to send your handmade gift. With options like the patterns here, you can try different ideas in patterning and some of our unique yarns, too.

And yes, here is another! Knots of Love is a non-profit organization whose mission is to warm the hearts and heads of those experiencing treatment-induced traumatic hair loss by providing them with hand knitted or crocheted caps and by also creating "hugs in a blanket" for tiny babies in incubators. Why not be part of their 300,00 caps celebration?

Here at Darn Good Yarn, we love the joy of creating and the spirit of giving. Love is what inspires us all and love is what sees us through the challenges in life. Our company was founded with our "Start with Love"  promise. Whether beginner or expert, Darn Good Yarn knows how important is it to help others. Remember those princess smiles? How awesome is it that you can bring a smile to a sick child's face? Magical, really!

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  • Nicole Snow