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Why Is A Sustainable Yarn Subscription So Important?

Missing KnitCrate?

So you’ve lost your subscription to KnitCrate and you’re probably wondering - where am I going to get yarn now? Who’s going to deliver me fantastic fiber right to my door? 

Don’t worry - we have you covered. 

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Darn Good Yarn offers an incredible monthly yarn subscription! Here’s some of the perks to our monthly box! 

We’re Eco and people friendly!

All of our yarn is handmade from reclaimed and recycled materials by our artisans around the world. Our yarns are made of recycled fibers that are sustainable for the environment and good for the earth! Each subscription helps to employ artisans and give them what they deserve: safe, sustainable, and year-round employment! Also, each subscription helps plant a tree with the help of Trees.org

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Every Month Is A Mystery!

Every month, you or your recipient of choice will receive a surprise yarn- plus other awesome perks! You can subscribe for one skein, or even three to help you tackle those big projects. The Yarn Of The Month® Club is designed specially for crafters to delight and inspire, because the greatest gift you can give to a creative person is a mostly blank slate. Month after month, each new colorway sparks a curious passion that keeps our crafters full of ideas, and doing what they love most!

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The Perks

Not only is the yarn incredible, but each month you’ll get to choose a pattern to create from! Not to mention, while you are subscribed you get:

  • Discounted flat rate shipping
  • 5% off all orders
  • 2x Karma Points that can be used on other purchases
  • Access to our Private Facebook Community
  • Private Sales & Deep Discounts on best selling products each month

Recent Awards!

January 2022 Treehugger, Winner, Best Overall Knitting Subscription Box

January 2022 Treehugger, Winner, Best Budget Crochet Subscription Box

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