Knitted Portraits Made From Yarn and Other Sources, Too

 Portraits as Amazing Art

The possibilities with fiber now is endless, just like the unique fibers we love and use! Here is a quick blog about portraits. Isn't this one of Elizabeth I amazing? Beyond the serious nature of this portrait of long ago, there is a tremendous amount of beauty, creativity, and art that went into this portrait.

And note the beauty of color and design in this portrait by Juan Bautista Cuiris. This amazing art is made from feathers! Yes, feathers! So if something so detailed can be made using feathers, just think what we can do with some darn good yarn!

Facing Art in the World of Technology

There are so many beautiful faces out there it would be amazing if we could take fiber and apply their qualities to making portraits. At the start of this article, did you see the cool mask with fiber embellishment made by 20th century Chokwe people? Color, texture, and the incredible lucidity of yarn makes it perfect for creating portraits that are works of art. But can it be that simple

Well, guess what? Someone has take the concept of fiber art to a new level with using coding, yes I said coding, to create yarn portraits. Artist Petros Vrellis creates beautiful images using a single piece of thread! I guess I am far more primitive but want to think this is somewhat like making a mandala using lace weight yarn which I have done!

Vrellis designed an algorithm that accepts a photograph as an input and outputs a knitting pattern. A computer tells him where to place the thread as he positions it on anchor pegs along the edge of a circular loom; the darker the image is on the photo, the more times the thread must cross over a particular element on the loom. He creates pieces using a single strand of black thread running 1,500 meters (or about 5,000 feet).

Isn't this amazing? Computer and yarn meet for an amazing result. Check out his new media art and consider how you can interplay different concepts and create a totally new and amazing art form! The gang at Darn Good Yarn is here to help you with your inspirational needs!

Smiles to You

We just love creativity and throwing inspiration out there! And who knows where fiber art portraits will lead - the kids in your life will love it! Let us know about your fiber art adventures on social media!  Use #darngoodyarn on Instagram or find us on Facebook at @DGYarn!