KNIT: Hemp Washcloth


So, do you ever have a project that you just don't take too seriously... for me washcloths are like that. While they were good for teaching me stitches back in the day, sometimes I get a little lazy and while the intent is there to make something super creative juices run a little dry (it's because I'm always looking for new yarn for all of us to enjoy!)

So, all you'll need is a pair of 5 needles and
1 ball of The Natural

CO 36 sts and make a square... crazy complicated stuff!!! Woooo!

But it is worth noting a few things:

  1. I didn't even make a dent in that ball of hemp
  2. It got softer as I washed it in my machine
  3. It would make a nice gift if you made one of these and made a soap. But a nice little bow around it and don't you look all Martha-ish!

And yes, please excuse the pricing in the video too. The pricing in the store is current and accurate.

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  • Nicole Snow