I need your help to grow DGY--yes you!

You can be instrumental in helping me grow Darn Good Yarn!

You know I spend a lot of time trying to help others but now I need to turn to you and ask for your help.

I've entered a business grant contest with Fed Ex. I want to get at least 10,000 votes (I entered yesterday--voting ends Nov 24 and you can vote once a day). Is there anyway you can spread the word and get others to rally to help me get to the goal? The winner gets a huge $25,000 grant--which would be just what I need to take Darn Good Yarn to an incredible new level. Here is the link where you can vote for me: https://grantcontest.fedex.com/fedex-small-business-grant-voting/microsite/gallery/507c1c21948b65866d02930a

If you are on facebook, twitter, email--please, share the word. I have less than 100 votes right now but if I can get your help by banning together and continually voting I think we have a great chance. There are about 1,000 business entered so far and the top businesses have about 1,500 votes (yes, I went through every business to check them out :-) )

Please help me keep this campaign going and make this viral!

Thank you so much!

P.S. if you would like some text to share the love quickly here you go:

Email: Dear friends,

My friend (daughter, granddaughter etc) owns her own company--Darn Good Yarn. Her online store carries yarn that she has designed and they are made from reclaimed materials. So far her business has removed more than 10,000 pounds of waste from the clothing manufacturing process, reclaimed it and turned it into yarn! Not to mention, her business also focuses on providing jobs to impoverished women in India and Nepal.

Right now, she has entered her business into a grant competition sponsored by FedEx. The winner will get a staggering $25,000 grant to grow their business. Would you take a moment and vote for her? Her goal is to get to 10,000 votes by Nov 24th. You can vote once a day from now until Nov 24th. This is the link where you can cast your vote: https://grantcontest.fedex.com/fedex-small-business-grant-voting/microsite/gallery/507c1c21948b65866d02930a

This is so important to not only Nicole but to all of the women she provides jobs to. Would you take a moment and forward this to your friends so we can help her ensure success?

Thank you!

Twitter: I just voted for the coolest #yarn store @darngoodyarn Vote now! http://tiny.cc/zbvdmw Pls RT

for facebook--be sure to "like" my page so the tag below works:-) http://www.facebook.com/dgyarn
Facebook: This vote can make a difference! Help my friend's business (@Darn Good Yarn) help the world, cast your vote and share this with your friends to be part of something huge! She is trying to get 10,000 votes. Remember you can vote once a day for her https://grantcontest.fedex.com/fedex-small-business-grant-voting/microsite/gallery/507c1c21948b65866d02930a