How to Yarn Bomb

February 15, 2016 0 Comments

How to Yarn Bomb

What directions?

Much like the 3 armed sweater award for big engineering mistakes, there are times when all our efforts for following patterns goes far astray. Perhaps you don't want to knit another sweater.It's a lot of work and some how the shape is not quite what you anticipate... it may have three arms or it may be four times smaller than what you wear as you decided to shorten the size for the sake of getting it done. Now it is a dress for you daughter's doll!

Or maybe it's socks that you are worn thin with making. My step-son was a Waldorf student and knitting is part of their curriculum. I bought him sock yarn and he learned to make socks and the first one was amazingly well done for a beginner.The second? Well, he had just about had enough of knitting and the second sock was half the size of the first!

What I am hinting at is that whether a beginner or an advanced knitter, we all need to try something different to recharge the batteries and stimulate the creative juices.You and I both have patterns that are our "go-to" comfy place for us.We have fibers that we know well but what about doing something really unique?

So What If...

it was time to try something totally different? Something that requires thought and measurement but where you could go completely creative, a place where no man has holding back and just your desire to work with amazing fiber and do something completely new for you. Could you let yourself go? Be free to create something that will bring joy,smiles and love to your community and that will not only do that but is a shazzam way to promote the art of knitting?

Thoughts on Dropping the Bomb

1. Start by looking around your community .Is there a tree that is decidedly bare and chilly? Do you have a park with tired street lamps that have that wall flower look to them, just pasty and standing alone, waiting for someone to reach out to them? And what about that bench in your front yard? I bet it is quietly screaming to join in your fiber frolic!

2. Legality is something you may want to consider now that you have honed in to that naked, cold and lonely thing that you want to knit or crochet something for. Not all communities will embrace your loving yarn gesture.

3. Measure. I know we said to be free but yes, even trees need to have form fitting knit wear. This is not going to be worn by a person so it is not rocket science but yes, measure your tree, bench or other inanimate object. Write down or take note on your hand held.....however it is done jot down your dimensions as you probably aren't going to be sitting beside the object you are knitting for....well in the case of the bench, maybe! Height, length, width, diameter....yes, it's a basic math problem but once you have your dimensions you are well on your way to yarn bombing.

4. Design your yarn bombing project.Color, texture, new fiber, old fiber, recycled fiber If you have a DGY stash it would be exceptional for yarn bombing. I've noticed that many examples of yarn bombing are smaller yarn sections melded together. This could be a colossal way to mash your yarn stash into an amazing medley of color, texture and fiber. Do you want to have a special design within your bombing? Think about it now as the planning does matter, not a lot but yeah, if you want people to notice your yarn bomb (which is what it is really about), you do have to have a wee bit of a plan. I think the recycled sari ribbon or banana fiber yarn could be outrageous for bombing, but then I am really excited about all the options.

5. Knit or crochet your project.Go wild! Go crazy! Go exotic! Yarn bombing projects afford you the opportunity to try colorways you might never normally try. Sectional knitting may be your best bet so that you can piece your work together and experiment with all different samplings of yarn.

6. Check work and revision. Without a pattern, you are going where few knitters have gone before. I suggest trying your knitted piece on that bench or tree and evaluate how it is all coming together.

7. Sew together what you can of your yarn bombing sections. Anticipate final sewing of the yarn bombing on the day you yarn bomb. And don't go for perfection...that bench is not going to talk badly of your knitting.

8. Choose a day for yarn bombing that works for you but also consider days like Worldwide Knitting Day which is Saturday, June 18th this year. Is there a community celebration that could really benefit from your gorgeous yarn splash?

Hop on The Bus Gus!

Jump on board and relish the yarn bombing journey!  Yarn bombs are not new and the fiber possibilities are endless. Have you ever had that idea that you had to quell, as you knew it might not be an accepted idea? What a great way to be outside the box and inside the movement! Creating a yarn bomb is a way to show the world that you are alive and vibrant, creative and unique, making smiles and spreading love. And yes,one strand at a time you will make the world a more beautiful place, visually and spiritually.

And hey, have you thought about yarn bombing inside your home for a snatch of pizazz for those old stool legs or that naked looking stairway?Be sure to share your yarn bombing with us because the staff at Darn Good Yarn is all in for your yarn bombing adventure.Show us what you've bombed at