Model is wearing a purple amara with trees in the background

How To Style An Amara

Written by Cat Brady

As we transition from Summer to Fall it’s always tricky to master the balance between the hot and cool days that seem to constantly flip flop. We never know what to wear when it’s hot on Monday but then cold on Tuesday. We hit the sweet spot when we find wardrobe pieces that flow through the seasons with ease. The Amara Duster is a wardrobe staple that is exactly that. Coming in either a short or long length, the Amara can accessorize an outfit or add an extra layer to your look. Plus the fun patterns add personality to any outfit. Here are our favorite ways to wear the Amara.

Orange amara duster over a bathing suit

It’s sunny somewhere! As some of us can see the ending of Summer approaching, we still have plenty of pool days left to enjoy. Amara’s are great as a beach cover-up. Wear over just your bathing suit or pair with your bathing suit + shorts. It’s lightweight so you won’t overheat but still creates a layer of protection from the sun.

Amara Duster over a black dress

Need an easy, breezy staple look? Throw on an Amara over a dress. This look can work for either a mini or maxi dress. We love this look because you only need two pieces of clothing and you are ready to go! As the fall weather approaches, accessorize with fun boots or add a wide brimmed hat. The inner boho in you will love this flowy outfit that was so easy to create.

Model is wearing an Amara over jeans and a tshirt

Nothing more classic than jeans and a t-shirt. So why not add an Amara over it! Adding a pop of color or pattern to an outfit is our DGY speciality. Start with your favorite jeans, add a plain tee or get a little crazy with a vintage band t-shirt, your favorite amara and boom, you’ve got a “cool girl” outfit.  Accessorize with sandals or some funky sneakers. Then once the days get a little colder, swap out the t-shirt for a thin turtleneck sweater and add some boots for instant fall vibes.

Cozy fall amara duster with leggings and a tshirt

When the temperature begins to drop we just want to be cozy. If we could live in leggings, we all would, right? This last outfit pairs an Amara with a long comfy top, leggings and boots. Add a beanie for the cutest look.

We love to see how you wear it! Tag us on social using @darngoodyarn and show us how you styled your Amara Duster.

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