How to Make Yarn Booties


 Cozy is the theme for the winter season and I am exploring some great options for  booties to add the extra layer of warmth to the season.  Yes booties are for babies but let's baby our selves a bit with booties for the larger footprint too!

Starting with the very littlest people

Try these sweet little baby booties to knit and consider that if you increase the needle size and bulk of your fiber you could make these for you! This free pattern is courteously made available  from gina-michelle who is a DIY designer. She calls them "The Easiest Baby Booties Ever" and details the "how to" with photo help as well. 

Wanting to try another style for the little ones?  Again, thank you to gina-michelle for the free pattern for knitted baby socks below and I am loving how cute these socks in the circular designed photo. My suggested modification is below.   


Because I love booties that stay on little feet, I would add an i-cord to go around the ankle. If you are comfortable making decrease holes for the i-cord do so around the ankle of the bootie. If not, most i-cord is thin enough to be forced through openings you create manually when lacing around ankle section.

Making i-cord

Using the needles used for the booties, cast on 3 sts (or whatever seems like a good cord width for your project). Knit these 3 stitches in stockinette stitch (knit one row, purl one row). This will create your cord with a knit appearance and a curling in of the edges which makes it look more cord-like. Make this the length desired for your booties.  ****Be sure to make each i-cord long enough to tie into a simple bow.  Repeat the process to make a second bootie.

Twinkle Toes

For the child who is a little bit older, try this adorable Mary Jane Ballerina Slipper Sock that is a free downloadable crochet pattern at and was created by Brigitta. Suggesting  a sport weight yarn, I would love to see this worked in some of Darn Good Yarn's sari silk handspun yarn for a jewel-like Mary Jane. Because this slipper is more about fashion, experimenting with unique fibers will make this style fabulous.

Ahoy for the buoy!

Living beside the Atlantic and having a young grandson that I hope to get as excited about boating as I am, this boat shoe slipper pattern is the one I am most excited about as I love love love this cute slipper.  Not practical for warm, but I can see my handsome boy wearing these around the house.I want to thank Bethany for this free pattern and can't wait to try it.  Be sure to visit her site at to learn more about the creations she offers.  Adorable, right?

 Adults too!

Booties express who we are and how we live.  Where I live it is cold and when going to a friend's to ski or have a glass of wine, I bring my slippers. It pleases me to have unique fiber and intriguing patterns that exemplify my spirit. Looking for more exotic and out of the ordinary options? Take a look at the patterns for adult winter booties!

This free pattern for knitted rasta slippers (seen to the left here) doesn't mention size in the pattern yet I love the bulky textured look and the addition of a button or doo-dad to make them unique. Definitely worth investigating using some of Darn Good Yarn punky chunky or other of our bulky fibers.

Look below at the funky design of our pattern for slippers created by Faith using recycled fibers.  Let your personality come through and consider the endless possibilities for creating slippers that speak of your spirit. Use crazy fiber and add a bit of bling!

A rainbow of options

No time to make something for the latest arrival in your friend's or family's life?  I have to share these way too cute felted baby shoes found at Darn Good Yarn because they are soooo sweet and they are made in Nepal at one of the women's co-ops. Besides its just a cheerful way to end this blog!

 Whatever your method, it is time to cover those toes with that extra layer so try a pair of up for me is the pattern for the boat shoe slippers. I also have an old family pattern that I am inspired to dig out and try. Do you have a bootie pattern in your stash you want to share?  Let us know at and be sure to shake your bootie this winter!

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