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How To Make Pompoms

February 17, 2016 4 min read

How To Make Pompoms

What Do You Carry In Your Bag?

I remember back in the 1970's there was a story book about how to teach your children to be kind and loving. I have looked online and see a few titles that might be the book but honestly, can't remember the cover.My hippie-dippie older sister loved this book and made a point to share this with others, and especially, promoted being a kind and loving person with her four children. Here is an abbreviated version of the story about warm fuzzies and cold pricklies which I believe is originally written by Claude Steiner.

Today's blog is about making or buying pompoms in the spirit of having a bag filled with warm fuzzies and not those nasty cold pricklies. I love the feeling of being able to help a person and know that their day is warmer for having me go the extra mile, to give them a smile, and to improve their lives in some small way.  That's really what warm fuzzies are about and every day, when we open our day (and our bag of emotions), we can choose to be cold and prickly to those around us or to offer up a day filled with warm fuzzies.

Darn Good Yarn began with the seed idea of "start with love" and the CEO and founder Nicole Snow has grown her e-commerce business based on love.  The idea of warm fuzzies is a concept that parallels how Nicole runs her fiber business. Nicole has worked hard to provide work for more than 600 women in Nepal and India so that they are empowered to feed and provide for their families.  Watch this video that share Nicole's experience with developing a fair trade commerce and how she has created a warm fuzzy that has a global impact.

How To Make Your Own Warm Fuzzies (pom poms)

1.Supplies. You can make pompoms with just scissors and yarn.  That being said, I prefer to use a square piece of cardboard to wrap the yarn.  So in addition to yarn and scissors, I would suggest shirt cardboard and the size would be dependent on the size of you pompom.  For the purpose of this how-to, let's cut out a piece of  cardboard about 3 inches by 2 inches. 

2.Cut one hunk of your yarn about 7" or so.  Set this aside but within arms reach.

3.That's a wrap.  Take your yarn and wrap it around the width of your cardboard (or your hand if you prefer to just use your hand. You're wrapping around the long sides of your rectangle of cardboard. Make your wrap so it is not loose but an even tension. long to wrap?

You Be The Judge

4.Experiment. As a kid, I would do just a few wraps because I was impatient.  My pompoms turned out sparse, well beyond sparse and looked like a deflated, fuzzy balloon! Do what you want for the wrap but generally more patience and a thicker wrap with your fiber will give a fuller warm fuzzy! 

5.Pulling the yarn off the cardboard can be tricky so make sure you have this wrap just loose enough that you can slide your index finger in the center between the cardboard and yarn and your thumb on the outside as you slide this off the cardboard.  

6.Cinch this yarn together by holding tight the middle of your bundle. Grab that 7" hunk of yarn you cut and set aside earlier. Tie this anchor yarn in a double knot tightly around the middle of your bundle.Tightly would be the key word here!

Looks Good, Doughnut?

7.The bundle of yarn will have somewhat of a doughnut shape to it now that you have tied it together. Grab your scissors and cut all the end of the yarn loops that have been created during the wrap process.Snip, snip, snip each loop and you will begin to see your pompom take shape!

8.Trimming is up to you as well. Want a wild, carefree look? Then leave your warm fuzzy as is, au naturale. Thinking you want more of a concise look with all your yarn ends close and approximate. Take your scissors and trim your pompom.  

9.Keep the two ends long from the yarn I tied the bundle for pompom with. These long end can make great tie-ins to secure your pompom. 

10.Practice makes perfect. Keep at your warm fuzzies and you'll get the look you want but it does take a bit of practice!

Pompoms aren't just for hats!  You can decorate anything with pompoms so it could be a scarf, a lampshade or how about making a fun wreath for decoration.  Nicole shares some fabulous scrap yarn ideas  and be sure to check out this nifty pompom idea.Go beyond the traditional pompom and explore our unique sari silk ribbon for some serious warm fuzzies. 

It's In The Bag

We have shared with you how to make your yarn pompoms and also have some ridiculously fun fiber to take this pompom thing to a new level. Have you seen our blog about yarn bombing? Why not yarn bomb with pompoms? Make some pompoms, grab your bag, and spread the joy of warm fuzzies one warm moment at at time. As Nicole says, "join the change, spread the joy" and one warm fuzzy at a time, the world will be a better place.