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How To Make Bracelets Out of Yarn

February 29, 2016 3 min read

How To Make Bracelets Out of Yarn

Bracelets or Bangles?

Potato, po-tah-doe! Isn't it funny how certain words are more exotic or intriguing? For me, bracelets and bangles are the same thing but I am more likely to call it a bangle if it is more unusual, maybe thicker and somehow bangle signifies cool for me! I also just love the word bangle. However, I have some really nice bracelets, too!!!

How do you wear them and what is your style? Making your own bracelet means you can create your own design idea. How cool is that? If you have an outfit that is greens and purples but really don't have a thing to wear with it, make your own bangle accessories! Remember too, the bangles you make don't have to be for your wrist. Designing an ankle bracelet to go with your favorite bikini could be really hot! Then there is always the waist bracelet if you want to add a splash of creativity around your middle.

Dangle a Bangle

The crew at Darn Good Yarn has created two kit sizes for making your own bangle using sari silk.Choose from our regular bangle kit or our deluxe kit which give you that much more sari silk to create with.This is a great way to experiment with fiber and to have a fun play date with fiber! Nicole has also created this collection of fun pattern ideas which has patterns beyond bracelets but does include how to make a wrapped bangle.

Are You Hooking?

Have you seen this free crochet pattern that you can download from Darn Good Yarn? We like to try to keep things simple at DGY so are thrilled to offer this basic crochet idea for a bracelet.Take our free idea and see where it takes you in the world of bangles. I also found this crochet bracelet tutorial on youtube.Thanks to Gina Ahrens for creating a fun tutorial on how to make a variety of bracelets using crochet.She also adds a few things to her bracelets so be open to a bead or seashell.

Knot for You

Some of us are children of the 60's and 70's so we grew up with macrame. As a teenager, I had a macrame business! My specialty was plant hangers and I used a heavy coarse jute and added wooden and ceramic beads to these very groovy and unique knotting designs.And people loved them, so I had a thriving business. No, it didn't quite pay for my college days!

Have you tried a macrame bracelet? I found this tutorial for you on one of the basic macrame style bracelets using a square knot.Try some DGY hemp for your macrame bracelet.

If you want shear simplicity, use some of your favorite fiber and just group strands together with either beads or a simple knot. Some of our silk chiffon ribbon or the Darn Good Yarn silk sari ribbon grouped in interesting color ways and held together with a few knots will make a unique, one of a kind accessory.

I-cord, You cord

A super simple way to knit a bracelet is to create an i-cord and here is the link to the blog post. Just jog down to the middle of the post page where I have the i-cord instructions. Make one i-cord or make multiple cords.If you wish you can braid or macrame your i-cords for greater density. Again, you can string them with beads, shells, or other doo-dads. Don't stop at just the i-cord, take it to a new level. If you are gifting your bangle this is a great opportunity to personalize the bracelet with color, style and of course, the all important bling.

Check out this link to Nicole's tutorial video of how to make a very basic bracelet and she recommends recycled resolution silk yarn for this project. However you make your bangles, they will give you the added look that a colorful accessory adds to your outfit. Bangles are great for gift giving and for projects with the kids too so just have fun with it!

Dangle a Bangle

However and where ever you bangle, it is an accessory that can be as confirming or off-the-wall unique as you are. Include your spirit in your bangles. Spirit-fully made, your bracelet becomes a work of art reflecting that which is you. Bangles for friends gives us a chance to reflect on what our friends are about and to design that bangle with the mindfulness of others.