Why and How to Crochet Using Multiple Yarn Strands

Double the Fun!

Remember the funny old ads with the Doublemint twins where you could double your fun? Well, some of you will remember and may date yourself by admitting to it! Anyway, the idea of using multiple yarn strands is certainly going to double your warmth and here are a few thoughts about using multiple strands in crochet!

Yes, I do love crochet because it works up quickly and some of the patterns I use are quite simple and can be done really speedy! That's what I love about crochet and in using multiple strands you can create a completely different look using the same easy pattern! 

Doubling up yarn is something I love to do because it doesn't change the pattern other than you may decide you want to use a larger crochet hook. The reason for that will depend on the size of your yarns but the bulkier yarns will definitely mean you need to consider a bigger hook to be able to work the multiple strands.

woman wearing yarn shawl

Keep in mind that if you are making something non-specific in sizing, like a scarf or shawl, that you can manage the change in gauge that comes with multiple strands and just be aware that your shape will be somewhat bigger than the original one strand pattern.


So you might wonder why would I use multiple strands? It's just a matter of preference. If you are looking to make your handmade project denser and heavier, you may want to consider multiple strands of yarn. It makes sense in the case where you are wanting more thickness in your work.

Wanting a super warm crochet hat? Try this Summer Slouch Kit and double up your yarns and you now have a much denser (and warmer) hat! Yes, you may need to experiment with gauge and you can't slap any two fibers together but with a little thought, this is going to be great fun!

Double Vision

close up of yarn skeinclose up of yarn skeinMy very favorite reason for crocheting with multiple strands of yarn? Color! I am a color junkie and love throwing colors together! So while a solid deep blue yak wool is amazing, I can't help but try throwing a variegated orange with it like our lace weight silk "flamethrower"Watch those colors really come alive and pop when you put contrasting colors together.

close up of yarn skein

Another colorway would be to add a monochromatic choice to change up the color but keep it a more subtle change...great for when you want to mix and match but want more of a match! The cotton candy lace yarn above with the blue yak fiber creates a whole different look than the flamethrower!

Double Trouble

Melding colors is great with multiple strands! Transitioning from say, a double strand of red to a double strand of yellow can be fun if you drop ONE of the red strands and pick up one yellow for a row. Then drop the second red and pick up the second yellow. This creates a transition mix during the color change---love to do this, too because it creates an interesting visual.

Okay, so I admit! I have color issues and love to play with my crochet projects. Here are some more thoughts on using multiple strands from our friends at thecrochetcrowd.com.  Remember too, that different fibers, react differently when washed. I always wash my hand made things by hand because I appreciate the hard work that went in to them!

multiple yarn skeins

I said color was my favorite part of using multiple strands and that's almost true. My other very favorite reason for doubling the yarn is that I use more yarn which means I can buy....more YARN!!!!! Yes, I have a huge stash but somehow when I use some of it up, I feel complete justification for buying more!!!!

We love to inspire our crafters and also, get huge inspiration from seeing what you do with your DGY fibers! Be sure to show us what multiple strand crochet projects you have going on by posting on our facebook page!