How Knitting Can Make Us a Better Parent or Grandparent


Doing the Best We Can

Really? Knitting has something to do with parenting? Why, yes, it does! And as someone who has worked with families for many years, I want to share my thinking on this. Parenting (and grand-parenting for those of us that are at that point) is a mix of absolute joy and love and then in the next breathe, you can be dealing with the greatest challenge ever!

I appreciate all parenting styles because it just ain't easy! One thing I want to remind us all of is that parenting and grand-parenting is unique to each family and the persons that make up that equation. This world is filled with people and ideas that effect us all and how we raise our children. Uniqueness is something we treasure at Darn Good Yarn so look for that in parenting techniques!

Time for Me?

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So getting back to knitting (and I want to include all fiber arts in this idea), if you are wanting to get time for you, crafting is absolutely a stress reliever. In taking time to knit, crochet, or whatever fiber craft, you are taking time to charge your batteries. And yes, you have to make the time!

At a time when I was a struggling single parent, a dear friend told me "in a plane emergency, parents are asked to put on the oxygen mask first, so that they can better take care of their children". Can you relate? Take the time for you-do it! Give yourself time to re-group, so that you can give those amazing, beautiful little people the best they deserve!

Teach Your Children Well

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Working with fiber teaches us to shed the worries, to embrace the joy of creating, and to meditate through our stitches! The neat thing is that you can do it while your kids are at story time, having a play date, or watching their school concert. It doesn't mean you are distracted, I find I am more relaxed and focused on whatever adventure we are enjoying...together!

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Here is a rather interesting New York Times article on parenting and knitting. And with the trendiness of knitting, why not take your craft to the library while the kids play? Interacting with others is easy and you still have the calming release of crafting. Choosing books when the time comes will be a pleasure because the kids feel your calmness! Children so feel that joy of creativity!

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Lastly, knitting, crocheting or other fiber arts is a great way to model wellness with your children. They will see your enjoyment, learn about fibers and crafts, and at some point, will be ready to experiment with fiber with you!  Children are great observers; simple things like starting, working, and completing a project will subliminally teach your children long before they are ready to tackle the craft.

You're Doing Great!

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Jump in to the world of fiber and whether a beginner or expert, the Darn Good Yarn team is here to support you. Teaching our children is the greatest job we will ever have and finding ways to be the best we can be just got a little easier with Darn Good Yarn! And besides, our kids make really cute models;)!

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