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Happy New Year!!

by Nicole Snow January 01, 2011

Ok, so I know I am a little bit late, but I have been ever so busy. I wanted to let you all know about my New Years Resolution, I know, your thinking "good grief, what is she on about now?"

Not really a run of the mill resolution. I decided I wanted to make my business, The Art of Zen.......Crochet, a lot more hmmmm....Eco friendly? I know that seems a catch 22 phrase nowadays. Anyways, I want to put some serious effort into recycling, upcycling, repurposing! So here is just the beginning of this. I used some of the premium Recycled Sari Silk and some recycled T shirt Yarn to make this cap!

Enjoy and Happy New Years Crafting!

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Nicole Snow
Nicole Snow

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