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I love going through in the morning when I wake up and see what's up in the craft world. My routine is check a handful of stocks, (btw CNBC is reporting that bacon-pork bellies- in the past month has gone from $100ish to $109ish) Gross. Then I read the paper, then check facebook, then I scan through Twitter for a bit.

But no, I'm not going to talk about pork bellies this morning though. I wanted to share this great blog I ran across via a twitter buddy urbanknitfit. I think you'll really love her... and she's in Maine!

I'm nosey and I always like to read to the about because you get an idea of what you can expect in a blog. abigail:

I'm the knitter of Urban Knitfits and an MFA graduate. I sell my knitting, art, and home goods through my 3 etsy shops! I grew up hearing "oh well you could make that!" from my mother in response to almost anything. This blog is a recording of my creative adventures.

Check out a lovely pic from her blog from a recent post: Click on it to visit the blog

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