Get Involved!

We have a new year upon here at Darn Good Yarn. And with that comes goals that have been sitting in a to-do folder on my desk. The biggest goal is one that you can help me with. I frequently get requests for yarn donations and discounted rates for people just like you who are making a difference. I try to give as much as I can but I sometimes wish I could do more.

Well, the one thing that never ceases to amaze me are all of the Darn Good Yarn Fans! You all are AWESOME! So, I am now accepting donations to help me help others. I think it's great that we are re-thinking our crafting with the cool yarns Darn Good Yarn carries, like our recycled silks, banana fibers, hemp yarns and of course the awesome felt balls. These cool items are fairly traded and give jobs to women in particular who normally wouldn't have work available to them

But, help me take it a step further. Every quarter (or so), I will feature a someone or a group who uses our products to help their communities. Your donations during this time will go to providing yarn and shipping...all 100%. Not only that, I will post your name on a special section of our website as a contributor.



This quarter, we will be accepting donations for Jake S. He crochets hats and hangs them around his town for those in need. You should read about his story HERE.

Want to donate? Click the button below! Thank you! And remember we're going to publish your name on a special section of our website