Get Cozy with Darn Good Yarn

Darn Good Yarn has hit Hollywood. That's right, the crafters you know and love now have famous fingers. Their knitting needles and crochet hooks shall be bronzed for prosperity. Ok, not that last one, because then they would be difficult to use. But some fun and silly cozies made by Darn Good Yarners have been featured in a nation-wide commercial! Check it out:

As you may know, Darn Good Yarn won a FedEx Small Business Grant at the beginning of this year. Watch a super cute video about it here, and read even more about it here. When they wanted to make this fun commercial all about cozies, the FedEx folks came right to Darn Good Yarn. Nicole rounded up her troops, had us all crafting madly, and made it out to LA all in about 1 week! But who made what, you ask? Let's see:

Joie, one of the owners of Foxcroft Agway, a store near where Nicole lives in Maine, made 2 of the granny squares on the refrigerator cozy, and also helped out on the Christmas tree cozy.

We love our Cozies!

I (Marissa, your faithful DGY blogger) made the other 6 granny squares on the fridge, and also made the toaster cozy. Nicole (our crafty leader) made the dog cozy, worked on the Christmas tree cozy, and helped put everything together on the set.

Tail cozy!

(The separate little tail cozy on the dog may be my favorite!)

Olga - yarn-bomber extraordinaire and faithful Darn Good Yarn fan, check out her fabulous work here - helped on the Christmas tree as well (that was the largest project!) and also made a cozy for a bush right outside the window. It's hiding right here:

Sue, Nicole's wonderfully crafty Mother-in-Law, made the commercial's crowning glory that is the kid cozy.

Also helping out finish the giant Christmas tree cozy were Wendy and Cathy - local friends of Nicole's who helped her out - as well as Jackie, a fellow dedicated Darn Good Yarner, and Beth, a friend of Nicole's from California. I'm sure we have all tried not to let this overwhelming fame go to our heads. ;)

If you have a silly cozy or other fun project, especially made using Darn Good Yarn, I'd love to see it! Email me at

Happy warm and cozy holidays and happy crafting!