Our Small Independent Company Flys with International Connections

Multiple balls of multicolored yarn and 3 strings of yellow, blue, and green beads strewn on a wooden table next to a yarn-filled cornucopia

At Darn Good Yarn, we are a very small team that has global implications. We strive to bring you the most amazing handmade, fair trade, and sustainable products while providing work for over 600 women around the world! How do we do it? It's really about believing anything is possible and building relationships!

Our story is an amazing one and we are jazzed about how we keep adding new chapters. We love working with people around the globe and here in the U. S. Here is one more chapter about how we love to believe anything is possible with broad horizons! Whether providing sustainable work or getting that package to you, we soar for you!

Flying High

Did you know Nicole has always been fascinated with flight and at one time considered becoming a pilot? So, it's so appropriate that Darn Good Yarn is now part of the Museum of Flight in Washington! So how the heck does yarn have anything to do with flight?

FedEx completely gave Darn Good Yarn what it needed to be successful and professional in a global capacity! In reaching out and learning what Darn Good Yarn could be, our company quite literally was flying the heavens.

Brown cardboard box display with a small white opening that shows an image of Nicole Snow and text about Darn Good Yarn's mission

Okay, so how does Darn Good Yarn end up in the Museum of Flight? Again, connections. Darn Good Yarn is part of a  display about air cargo in collaboration with FedEx. How cool is that? We work super hard to bring you the best and building our business has also meant building those connections

Going Global

Another example of how important it is to build relationships!

Again, it's really about connections and making connections that help us to be both that small, friendly company and reach out to where ever you may be! Fed Ex! Nicole has collaborated with FedEx for many years now because she knew that her packages needed to get to you safely and well, Nicole is not someone to be limited by any boundaries!

And, when Darn Good Yarn was awarded the Small Business Award in 2013, Nicole knew that her partnership with FedEx was the shipping piece that she needed to expand her global reach and give her customers what they were asking for.

 Over the Moon

So yeah, we are super excited to be in the Museum of Flight. We are super proud to collaborate with Fed Ex to bring customers products through fair trade employment around the globe. And we are flying over the moon to have our amazing relationships with our Darn Good Yarn customers, too!

Being in the Musuem of Flight as part of a FedEx dsiplay makes perfect sense, doesn't it? Please join us on this amazing adventure-Darn Good Yarn flights boarding now!