DIY Valentine's Day Gifts in 30 Minutes or Less

February 07, 2018 0 Comments

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts in 30 Minutes or Less

Who said handmade had to take a long time? Here are 15 quick and easy gifts to show your Valentine how much you love them. 

1. Arm Knit Scarf 

Source: Darn Good Yarn

All you need is some yarn and your arms for this project! Download the pattern here 

2. Mason Jar Coozies

Source: Darn Good Yarn 

What says Valentine's Day like flowers? Liven up a mason jar vase with this crochet project.  

3. Custom Coupon Cards 

Source: The Dating Divas 

Because who doesn't love a good surprise

4. I Love You Because... Printable 

Source: Life Sweet Life 

Tell your Valentine all the reasons why you love them 

5. Boho Necklace 

Source: Darn Good Yarn 

This adjustable boho necklace is sure to liven up anyone's closet 

6. Yarn Hearts 

Source: Tid Bits

Create some decorations with only yarn and cardboard 

7. Wool You Be My Valentine?

Source: All About Ami

 Puns + Yarn + Love = Enough Said. 

8. Date Night Ideas 

Source: The Thinking Closet 

Your future self will thank you. 

9. Hemp Candle Wraps 

Source: Unknown Artist 

Using a hot glue gun, wrap the hemp around the candle to the desired width. Add a cut out felt heart for some Valentine's Day flair! 

10. Pom Pom Bookmark

Source: Darn Good Yarn 

For your bookworm

11. 2 in 1 Headband 

Source: Darn Good Yarn

Get a headband and a cowl with this 2 in 1 Pattern 

12. Slouchy Beanie 

Source: Darn Good Yarn

Keep your Valentine warm with this wool beanie 

13. Friendship Bracelet

Source: Darn Good Yarn

A grown up twist on the childhood favorite 

14. Pom Pom Love Birds

Source: Lia Griffith 

The cutest little lovebirds. Well... besides you and your valentine. 

15. Sock Hearts 

Source: SAS Does 

Get rid of your pesky leftover single socks with these cozy hearts