Darn Good You


Good morning my dears!

Good weekend? Great weekend? I got to hang out with the official hubby of DGY, so that's always good.

Today though, I want to introduce you something that was thought up by a few of us on Facebook. I know some of you have side-Etsy stores, or maybe you sell at craft fairs and farmers' markets. Maybe you've been toying with the idea. So, I think we need to come together and share our wealth of knowledge but keep it on a dedicated portion of this site.

...drum roll....

Introducing "Darn Good You".

Darn Good You will be a portion of my blog where we can talk about anything from running a business to and while juggling a house. I think the best way to start this is by posting some questions below...YES YOU! Ask anything that has to do with running and owning a home-based business. I'll post the question as a blog post. I'll put my two cents into the post and then you all can post back and forth on that topic. I will also open up the floor for guest bloggers as well.

I think this will be a great resource for those of you on the fence, over the fence, building the fence..well you get the picture.

So, post those questions below and let's make a Darn Good You!