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CROCHET: Free Scrubby Pattern

by Nicole Snow June 04, 2009

CROCHET: Free Scrubby Pattern

Who wants a easy crochet pattern? Who needs a quick gift? Who needs it to be cheap? Who needs it to be easy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions.. well thanks for sticking around:)

No, seriously, I have a great easy pattern for a hemp scrubbie for all of you crocheters out there!

Use it in the shower or on your counters. I actaully love to use mine in the kitchen because they take grit up super quick.

We all need to thank Melissa, one of Darn Good Yarn's Sponsored Etsy Artists.

Click Here to Buy the Yarn

Here's the pattern:
You'll need one ball of hemp which will yield a couple of these puppies for you!
Finished size = just under 5 inches, round
Hook Size = E (3.5 mm)
Start chain 4, leaving a really long tail
Round 1: 16 dc in 1st ch, use tail to pull first chain closed, slip stitch to join. ch 3 (if you have a "hole" don't worry, we can fix it later)
Round 2: 2 dc in each stitch, slip stitch to join, ch 3
Round 3: repeat round 2 (scrubber won't be flat it will be "wavy")
Round 5: 1 dc in each stitch, slip stitch to join, finish off leaving long tail.

Using yarn needle, weave in tail at center. If you have a "hole" use the tail to cris cross and pull the stitches together. Trim excess. Repeat with outside tail.

Another note: This is a free pattern which is not to be used for commercial gain. Feel free to tell your friends and use it how you like but respect the artist!

Click here to get the yarn!

A special thanks to Melissa. Visit and support her sites which are:

Nicole Snow
Nicole Snow

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