Crochet-A-Long with Julia

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We are so excited to announce our Crochet-A-Long series! 

Join us while we learn to crochet with our fiber specialist, Julia! The best part is that every participant who posts photos of their progress on Instagram or Ravelry, and uses the #DGYCAL hashtag enters for a chance to win amazing prizes!!

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    Why you should join our Crochet-a-Longs:

    • You'll learn basic crochet skills, which is such a versatile skill (and will even help you if you're a knitter!), from our in-house fiber expert, Julia! No matter your skill level, we want to help you succeed. 
    • You'll be able to ask questions and get answers about the pattern and techniques.
    • You'll be joining a HUGE community of fellow crocheters and enjoy seeing each other's progress and victories.
    • You'll have a chance to win DGY gift cards each week, and a CRAZY GOOD grand prize at the end of the Crochet-a-Long!
    • It's FREE! You'll just need to purchase your supplies.

    Here's how to join us:

    • Let us know you're participating! Use the form below to join the crochet-a-long and receive email notifications about the Crochet-a-Long.
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      Here's what you can win!!!

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      People who participate in our Crochet-a-Longs will win the GRAND PRIZE, valued at over $350!!! The prize includes LOTS of beautiful yarn, crochet hooks, and MORE!

      Don't have an Instagram Account?

      Click the link below to find us on Instagram! Setting up an account is easy and will only take 5 minutes. Instagram is The Place To Be for finding inspiring crocheters around the globe and to connect with people who share common interests. 
      You can also join us on Ravelry! We'll be checking both Instagram and Ravelry for Crochet-a-Long participation! 


      Will I be able to complete this in time? What if I don't work fast enough?

      YES! The crochet-a-long video tutorials will stay on Youtube forever, so you'll always be able to go back and re-watch. Take your time! You only need to stay on track each week if you want to be eligible to win prizes. 

      Do I have to post pictures of my project? Do I have to participate on Instagram and Ravelry?

      No, and no! You only need to post your project pictures if you want to be eligible to win prizes, and you only have to choose one platform to participate on. :) We hope you'll join us even if you choose not to post pictures!

      Get Pumped!

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