Cool Ways of Using Yarn

January 06, 2016 3 min read

Cool Ways of Using Yarn

Unsure about trying something with needles?Tired of knitting?  Not into crocheting right now? Fiber is such an interactive thing and the colors are soooo amazing.  There are so many super cool ideas for using yarn and you don't have to pick up a needle for any of these ideas! Learning about texture, density, color and finding what you love is joyful fun!  Here are a few alternatives.

It's a Wrap! 

Living near the ocean, we are forever finding amazing treasures. My husband is particularly into small driftwood pieces. Because we live in a small space,  I ask that he leaves them outside on our "treasure board", a larger piece of driftwood for our beach finds! I am really excited to find this idea for yarn covered sticks thanks to the ilovetocreate blog.  What a great idea! My granddaughter (who is not quite a knitter yet) will love this project and I have clear vases that we can fill with the beautiful yarns that we adore. And my husband will be happy to continue to collect his sticks! 

For this project we will just need sticks, yarn and a thin stream of glue...we may even use a small artist paint brush to put a light coating of glue on, and a clear vase or jar. The infinite color options will make a great decoration and takes up far less room that all my baskets of yarn on display! Mobiles are also suggested though I am quite enthused about the glass vase decoration.

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And how about this sweet and easy idea for wrapping yarn on your flower pot, a great pinterest tutorial! Color could really jazz up our houseplants this time of year...great for gifting too. Speaking of wrapping, have you seen this amazing use of our sari silk ribbon.  An easy way to create inspirational  wrap for your special gift any time of year.


And here at Darn Good Yarn we have a very creative use for our newspaper yarn.  Make a basket and you can find the simple pattern here.  The possibilities with our newspaper yarn are endless and whether wrapping a gift or vase, experimenting with macrame or doing some spiral art, this homemade, recycled newspaper yarn is a great fiber to use without lifting a needle! This could also provide dense texture in weaving, too!  When it comes to fiber and the concept of wrap, the options are infinite when you are open to the possibilities.

Knot into needles?

Macrame is the long time art of tie-ing knots in a repetition of pattern  using stringy fiber and I like this website for basic knot techniques.  Try the nettle or hemp yarns that are great for a variety of uses such as bracelets. I love to keep it simple so would do some basic square knot patterns to get started.

                                                                                                                                            Bracelet photo courtesy

Let your inner fiber free!

Whatever your heart desires is what you can create. Find joy and find yourself in the process.Fascinated with yarn bombing, I love this bicycle idea because it doesn't need to be done with needles (though parts of this are knitted I would keep it simple and wrap the spokes, handlebars and add rainbow fiber streamers!)  I have an old bicycle that would look fabulous decorated like this for the town parade!  Open yourself to the world of fiber and ride with it!