Bring Customers Back with RetentionGrid

It's time for another (slightly belated) business blog Wednesday!

Getting new customers is, of course, extremely important for any company, large or small. But what about repeat business? How do you get customers to keep coming back? 

A great app that we use here at Darn Good Yarn is called RetentionGrid. It helps organize sales data in a way that anyone can understand. Which people would most appreciate an email blast about a new art yarn? Which people need to know about new colors of an existing yarn? RetentionGrid takes the guesswork out of these questions. RetentionGrid has really helped us get more repeat customers. In just 4 months our percentage of repeat customers went up from 28% to 46%!

A few months ago, the folks over at RetentionGrid were nice enough to highlight Darn Good Yarn and our successes over at their site. The feature includes some great tips from Nicole about how to drive growth and revenue, how to keep loyal customers, and what's on the horizon for Darn Good Yarn.

Thanks to Kalie Moore for writing such a great piece! You can learn all about what RetentionGrid could do for your business by clicking here.

Happy Crafting (and business building!)

Marissa :)