Best Pride Gifts for 2021!

Pride is a special time of year for many of us here at DGY (I'm a little biased to be honest). Who doesn't love a celebration of love and color- that's literally everything that we're about! 

If you're a member of the LGBTQIA+ community like me, or if you're an awesome ally, you'll love these products! Also, these products are available all year long, not just during June. 

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Gifts for Crafters

1. Darn Good Fancy Twist Silk Yarn - White Rainbow 

I love love love this yarn. It's not only recycled and handmade - but it's a gorgeous color and a nice bulky thickness for newer crafters that have a hard time with thinner weight yarns. 

2. Unicorn Scissors

We first got these scissors right after I started in early 2019. I remember them coming into the warehouse and being in LOVE with how cute they were! I mean, c'mon, a holographic unicorn?! How is this not the cutest pair of scissors you've ever seen? 

3. DIY Unicorn Stuffed Animal Knit & Crochet Kit 

This little unicorn stuffed animal kit (they're also called amigurumi) is an awesome project for beginning crafters. The kit comes with everything needed to complete the unicorn and has both knit AND crochet patterns!

4. 7 Beads Over The Rainbow Box

If you're a jewelry artist, this box is perfect for you! This box comes with 7 different bead kits, a gorgeous mix of necklaces, earrings and bracelets. All you'll need are the tools (pliers, crimps, ect.) and you'll be off to the races looking like a million bucks! You'll also get a cute little rainbow keychain for yourself and another to give to someone! :) 

5. Our Watercolor Yarn Collection 

If you know DGY, you'll know that one of our favorite yarn colorways is our watercolors! We have it in almost every type of yarn that we carry! It is a gorgeous rainbow variegation that still makes me so happy whenever I see everyone's finished products! 

We currently have these options for our Watercolors colorway: 

6. Other Multi-Colored Yarns 

We're a super colorful group and we can't deny that we're in love with super colorful yarn. Whenever I see our yarn, I always get so happy- whether I'm looking at a brand new colorway or I'm looking at a colorway that we've carried for years. 

Here are some yarn options that I really love! 

Exotic Rainbows: Do I need to say more? This lace weight yarn is a brighter rainbow than our watercolors colorway and the colors really POP right out at you! 

May Flowers: When I first saw this yarn, I immediately thought about mixing it with our Sparkle White Lace Weight and making a gorgeous Trans-Flag colored piece! Incredible colors, really one of our best! (Again, I'm incredibly biased) 

Sunset Lovers: This worsted weight yarn is so classy. A streak of glimmering rainbow woven around a deep black recycled silk strand. I honestly do not know how our artisans are this talented. 

Vibrant Macaron: I think our worsted weight is one of our most beloved yarns. It's a nice thickness for new crafters and the stunning vibrancy of vibrant macaron makes me want to make so many projects with this yarn! 

Gifts for Eco-Fashionistas

Not a crafter? Don't worry, I got you! Here's a list of our non-crafty products that I know you'll love!

1. Geometric Rainbow Earrings 

These drop hoop earrings are bound to have a color in them that matches any outfit! They're a nice medium-sized hoop that ads a nice pop of color to your outfit. 

2. Spiral Tie Dye Mask Variety Pack

I have never met a person who doesn't love tie dye (if you don't, please don't talk to me). These masks come in a 3-pack and have adjustable ear-loops. They're also totally machine washable. Colorful, clean, and classy! 

3. One-of-a-Kind Sari Silk Purses

These bags are 100% handmade out of 100% recycled materials and each one is one-of-a-kind (just like us!). These are the perfect size for everyday use or for travel! 

4. Embellished Parasol Umbrellas

I ADORE these parasols. Whether you're looking for something to protect yourself during the parade or a extra pop of color for a fabulous drag show- these parasols are a great option! 

5. Sari Wrap Skirt

Sometimes it's hard for me to find clothes I feel comfortable in. Clothes either feel too masculine or feminine and it's really hard to find something versatile. That's why I love these "skirts". If I want to wear a skirt or dress, I can do that! I can also wrap them differently to make the skirt into a cape, shawl, or a wrap shirt! These versatile (and one-of-a-kind) skirts really make me feel like I have more control over my closet! 

Check out all of our skirt options HERE! 

I hope you all liked this list and found at least 1 thing that you love! 

Happy crafting & happy Pride! 

Kate Curry 

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